Cub Scouts Incorporate Video Games

When one thinks about the Cub Scouts what usually comes to mind is the great outdoors, camping, and hiking. Some fail to remember is that its also about doing your best and helping others which is a part of the scout oath. A new belt loop and pin scouts can earn is for video games but of course GTA and Halo might not be the games you earn them for.

The best part of one of the requirements for the belt loop is, in my opinion, to explain why the ESRB rating system is a good thing and hopefully parents will help the scout with this and understand the ratings themselves. Here are the rest of the requirements:

Requirements for the Video Games Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements:

1. Explain why it is important to have a rating system for video games. Check your video games to be sure they are right for your age.
2. With an adult, create a schedule for you to do things that includes your chores, homework, and video gaming. Do your best to follow this schedule.
3. Learn to play a new video game that is approved by your parent, guardian, or teacher.

The pin requires the scout to complete five of nine tasks on a list which for the most part is learning good habits of being a gamer and interacting with adults and games at the same time. If you ask me it sounds like a covert way to get parents involved with their kids gaming and to understand what they play. Here’s the list to choose from:

Requirements for the Video Games Pin

Earn the Video Games belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:

1. With your parents, create a plan to buy a video game that is right for your age group.
2. Compare two game systems (for example, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and so on). Explain some of the differences between the two. List good reasons to purchase or use a game system.
3. Play a video game with family members in a family tournament.
4. Teach an adult or a friend how to play a video game.
5. List at least five tips that would help someone who was learning how to play your favorite video game.
6. Play an appropriate video game with a friend for one hour.
7. Play a video game that will help you practice your math, spelling, or another skill that helps you in your schoolwork.
8. Choose a game you might like to purchase. Compare the price for this game at three different stores. Decide which store has the best deal. In your decision, be sure to consider things like the store return policy and manufacturer’s warranty.
9. With an adult’s supervision, install a gaming system.

While the tag team of the Cub Scouts and video games sounds weird it makes a lot of sense to teach young gamers the basics of what most of us have learned over our years of gaming and to get parents involved too.

Discussion: What do you think about the Cub Scouts making a gaming belt loop and pin?

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9 Comments on "Cub Scouts Incorporate Video Games"

  1. Joe April 28, 2010 at 06:55 - Reply


  2. JesusHMacy April 27, 2010 at 18:11 - Reply

    Man I wish I had that badge back in the day

  3. DaN iZ HyPeD April 27, 2010 at 17:19 - Reply

    Cool and EASYYYY :L

  4. cynicalbrit April 27, 2010 at 15:17 - Reply

    I fully support it. It seems like a mind-numbingly easy badge to get, and I think that that is intentional. They want to teach good habits and I’d happily stand behind that. Way to go cub scouts.

  5. KR3W619 April 27, 2010 at 11:13 - Reply

    That’s pretty cool but no M rated games :(

  6. Kreyg April 27, 2010 at 09:56 - Reply

    I think it’s cool they are going to do this. Video games can be good. People just focus on the bad stuff, it’s good to see when people focus on the good stuff too.

  7. Duckyhunter April 27, 2010 at 09:52 - Reply

    My short stint as a Webelo offered much fewer opportunities for getting one’s “game on.”

    It’s good that the Boys in Tan and Olive Green are actually embracing the entertainment industry of the twenty-first century rather than rejecting it. It could also help ease the social stigma the boy scouts carry of being starched shirts incapable of cutting loose (though not by much, if at all).