Blockbuster Championship Reproduction SEGA Cart

In 1995 Blockbuster had their second Video Game Championship where each store had to declare a winner and then a store championship then on to the finals which where held inside the GamePro magazine headquarters. You could chose between Genesis or SNES, but the Genesis cart had to be destroyed after the contest was done — nice prize for the people smart enough not to do it.

So lets say you have a SEGA collection that you just can’t finish because of this very rare and very expensive games. Well there is the awesome world of reproductions and now Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II Reproduction Cartridge is HERE — no really click the link, it’s there.

Lets take a look what buy this cart gets you:

- An authentic Sega Genesis Clam shell with hand numbered insert
– Blockbuster World Video Game Championship Cartridge. All carts will be official Sega/Acclaim style cases, no EA or other odd size shells were used.
– For the first time, this release will be shrink sealed for that fresh from the factory feeling! This is more of a novelty than anything else, some are sealed better than others.

Only 100 have been produced and roughly 40 remain available. From what I understand, there will be a high score contest (with prize) as well once the carts have been sold.

Cost shipped anywhere in the US: $60
Cost shipped to Canada: $65
Cost shipped anywhere else: $67 (small international flat rate box)

Now I can see some crying foul about the price, but this is a brand new game regardless of the system in addition to being a privately funded run which in my opinion makes it more than reasonable. I should add too that this is for collectors and die hards which makes it’s price way better than the thousands the real cart goes for.

If you want one you better act fast. Here’s the LINK to the info page.

Sega Genesis Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II Repros [Game Sniped]

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  1. Kreyg September 23, 2010 at 19:22 - Reply

    This would be great if I still owned a sega genesis