Sega Dreamcast VMU Mod

While the Dreamcast’s controller was large it was to accommodate one of the best ideas in gaming, a memory card that could be played all by itself away from the console and the controller. I think about all the cool stuff that could be done with it as is but this dude called Goteking has me wishing the Dreamcast and it’s VMU came out yesterday.

Goteking made a iPod touch nano case out of a VMU, I guess so he doesn’t lose it. I look at this and it just seems so right, like that’s how it was supposed to be all along. By the looks of this mod the iPod and VMU belong together because the most important skill needed in making this looks like Dremel skills. Check out more pics and details at Goteking’s website (translated).

If that picture was a reality people would have paid more attention and people would have played VMU games. I and countless others have said the Dreamcast was before it’s time and if Sega busted out tomorrow with a Dreamcast 2 that was a DC with updated tech I’d be saving my pennies to get it.

Here is the VMU mod in action.

Goteking’s website and translated site.

[Goteking via Technabob]

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    thats cool

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    I want one!