This Starcraft Cake Is Worth Fighting Over

Ever since the debut of shows like ‘Ace Of Cakes’ and ‘Cake Boss’ people have realized that cakes are a pretty legitimate canvas for their food based art needs. Everyone loves cake including gamers, in fact cake is so loved that the game Portal lured gamers through its sci-fi puzzles with a cake. When the deal fell through millions where outraged.

This Starcraft cake features a Protoss base building in it’s own space preparing for a confrontation. The level of detail is crazy with the cake cut off with a bit of raised terrain, the probes mining,  and the building has great detail for being food. This cake is very impressive.

Can someone save a slice?

Amazing Starcraft Cake [Reddit]

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  1. By varney89 on 12-30-2010 10:13

    Yum Everyone loves cake!


  2. By Tomfratelll on 12-30-2010 11:31

    This cake requires more vespene gas


  3. By Tojimaru on 12-30-2010 11:51

    That cake looks really good...


  4. By Gilbert1978 on 12-30-2010 12:13

    i wonder what flavor the bread is made of? hopefully chocolate.... i love chocolate cakes... especially with nesquik chocolate milk.... mmmmm... damn, now i'm hungry...


  5. By KannibleKlown on 12-30-2010 12:29

    loooooks yummy ;o


  6. By jakers on 12-30-2010 13:42

    Requires Additional Pylons


  7. By Sexyfish on 12-30-2010 13:45

    You spawn with more probes than that...INACCURATE


  8. By Gluv165 on 12-30-2010 14:07

    Im askin my mom to buy tht for my birthday. ohh mom <3


  9. By MPR11 on 12-30-2010 14:41

    The cake must construct additional pylons! (SC2 humor if you dont get it)


  10. By Mistadadio on 12-30-2010 15:48

    Now that is really cool looking, I would buy one and see how long it would last.


  11. By Cynicalbrit on 12-30-2010 20:34

    Unfortunately I would imagine that it is covered in an excessive amount of fondant.


  12. By A_Joe_Ke on 12-30-2010 20:36

    Too bad Ace Of Cakes cakes are made mostly of cardboard. D:


  13. By Dupid on 12-31-2010 06:48

    My cake for Aiur!