Super Polystation 2: NES Clone Looks Like Slim PS2 [Video]

Should this NES clone also be called a PS2 clone because of how much it looks like a PS2? The Super Polystation 2 is a clone NES system which means it’s a system that plays NES games but is not licensed by Nintendo. Today NES clones aren’t automatically illegal to make since the Famicom patents expired in 2003 soon followed by the NES patents in 2005, but Nintendo might go after you on a whim if they choose to.

Many clone systems go for function over form but whoever made this took a lot of time to make this console look so good and so unique that who wouldn’t want one. Although one gripe is that the box, which is at the beginning of the video, looks too much like the PS2 box which is kind of sleazy, but at the end of the day the novelty of this clone is impressive.

Check out ASSEMblerEX’s You Tube channel for more videos.

Super Polystation 2 – The mini slimline ps2 famicom ( NES ) clone system! [You Tube]

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  1. By Gluv165 on 12-31-2010 14:27

    I want one


  2. By NicoNikoND on 12-31-2010 18:32

    dude, that's fucking awesome


  3. By KR3W619 on 12-31-2010 19:01

    Where is Ashens??


  4. By JustAndrew1988 on 12-31-2010 19:17!


  5. By Kreyg on 12-31-2010 19:29

    It looks more like the original model PS2

    Box and all


  6. By GnarlyOat on 01-01-2011 06:13

    The "unit" is probably drenched in led paint as is such with this sort of nockoff/shady market dealings. I wouldn't get five feet near that thing.


  7. By fsoccer17 on 01-03-2011 14:14

    Looks like it has nothing inside of it.