Super Meat Boy Fan Made Video Shows Best Bandage Get Ever

Super Meat Boy is one those games that might seem a bit challenging, but you for some reason can’t put it down. It’s probably one of the better games released in 2010. One thing that might be super frustrating for people playing is getting those damn bandages. Sometimes they are a death trap, but they unlock characters in the game, so you want to get them.

Joseph Manalaysay made one of the greatest fan-made videos we’ve seen in a while. The video shows little Meat Boy going to get a bandage. What you’ll see will blow your mind. All that work for a bandage? Well, it was damn well worth it. Bravo, Joseph.

Bandage Get!!! [YouTube]

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  1. By MrPixel on 01-24-2011 00:53

    It's all about getting the bandages! >:O

    But this person did a great job on the video. IMPRESSIVE.


  2. By WuzzupPotato on 01-24-2011 01:26

    This video is awesome! It kinda shows what the shit people go through to get a bandage xD. The only thing bad about it was the music >.>


  3. By craney123 on 01-24-2011 02:43

    Looks a bit like Super meet boy meets Mirrors Edge :/ EPIC.


  4. By kojack on 01-24-2011 04:22

    Sweet video that guy must really like Super Meat Boy.


  5. By Cynicalbrit on 01-24-2011 18:06

    Spectacular video. It'd be interesting to see somebody try to build a level as similar to this as possible to see how difficult that bandage would really be.


  6. By Rocker2791 on 01-24-2011 19:14

    Impressive visuals