The World Of Halo And Minecraft Collide For Some PVP Action

The level of creativity that is exhibited with Minecraft is through the roof. Time and time again, we see the crazy things people create with the game. Yet again, someone has done something to make us all “oh and ah.” While it might not be awesome to everyone, it’s something Halo fans can certainly enjoy.

While Minecraft is about creativity, it also has leeway for things such as PVP. Well, this takes FULL advantage of that. Being dubbed “Halocraft,” the video shows the map “Lockout” from Halo 2 and turned it into a PVP arena in Minecraft. It comes complete with guns and all. It was an older Minecraft classic map, but has been revamped with textures that work to give it a more authentic feel.

As someone who played close to 10,000 games of Halo 2–yes, I know…I chased a pipe dream of hoping to go pro–I can tell you the map is pretty damn accurate. See for yourself.

Halocraft – Gameplay Preview [YouTube]

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  1. By nike13 on 01-27-2011 15:11

    OH MY GOODNESS haha this is so legit! I watched this in class and was awe inspired haha so sweet good post!


  2. By Gilbert1978 on 01-27-2011 15:16

    holy shit! imagine this in the HBG server?!?!? i can see the entire community in there shooting each other forever, or until the server crashes again, whichever comes first....


  3. By JesusHMacy on 01-27-2011 15:24

    That is the coolest thing ever, the minecraft stuff gets crazier every day.


  4. By Cynicalbrit on 01-27-2011 15:49

    This truly awe inspiring piece of work is the sort of thing we need to be aspiring to when we have a minecraft marathon. We wont have the guns of course, but it'll just be a sword match if PVP were to be turned on. I love how many awesome things people who aren't me have been creating.


  5. By Kreyg on 01-27-2011 15:52

    ::looks at Panda:: SOOO, maybe we should try this out sometime?


  6. By Mortalized on 01-27-2011 15:53

    wow, amazing. I can only think of what else is to come as minecraft progresses.


  7. By MrPixel on 01-27-2011 16:00

    Would have never thought that I would see halo in minecraft.


  8. By keller32 on 01-27-2011 16:10

    holy.. was like A GUN? then noticed it was a bow and arrow :O

    Epic though, would be cool if there was an actual server just doing stuff like this..


  9. By FreeMuffins on 01-27-2011 16:18

    This looks like it would be great for multiplayer, but it seems it takes ALOT to kill somebody.


  10. By johnybob on 01-27-2011 16:48

    WOW! all i can say is just WOW! thats crazy awesome!


  11. By ZangeTSM on 01-27-2011 17:06

    That is EPIC!


  12. By acewild on 01-27-2011 17:08

    Originally Posted by FreeMuffins:
    Quote This looks like it would be great for multiplayer, but it seems it takes ALOT to kill somebody.

    Like the real Halo.


  13. By Shadowplay1987 on 01-27-2011 17:55 that really is just incredible, it's exactly like that Halo level. Respect to whoever made that seriously :)

    anyway, I'm off to play some Halo :) It's been a long time lol


  14. By craney123 on 01-27-2011 18:14

    This on the HBG server would be amazing.


  15. By xDSJxPyro on 01-27-2011 19:26



  16. By Clutchman on 01-27-2011 21:48

    That's awesome, I wonder what else people are going to remake in Minecraft.


  17. By dumpdemon on 01-27-2011 22:06

    i want the texture pack


  18. By MPR11 on 01-27-2011 22:06

    BEST. IDEA. EVER! now remake it as TF2 and have the classes and it would be epic


  19. By M4TH3W on 01-27-2011 22:08

    Damn, I would love to play that level. Big time props to the creator(s)


  20. By Emir360 on 01-27-2011 22:28

    Originally Posted by M4TH3W:
    Quote Damn, I would love to play that level. Big time props to the creator(s)

    Hell yeah! Thats amazing!


  21. By q2469 on 01-27-2011 23:05

    omg SO EPIC


  22. By q2469 on 01-27-2011 23:06

    spam for a team cash


  23. By bobsavoie on 01-27-2011 23:16

    this look awesome!


  24. By taran606 on 01-28-2011 00:32

    haha thats epic and is that sdk's gun mod. my friend made a call of duty balcks ops map (kino der toten) he added zombie spawners and all this shit and i lasted 30 min on normal with an ak47 and deseart egale and died when a spider climbed a wall and fell on my from above(no armor and 1 golden apple)


  25. By Eosklakrio on 01-28-2011 00:45

    Man, that is awesome. I am not a big halo fan but I must say, this is pretty cool. This person or persons spent a lot of time and effort to make the level look just like the one form the actual halo game. I must say this is probably the most creative modification I have seen yet.


  26. By taran606 on 01-28-2011 00:49

    is there a place were i can download?


  27. By jim94 on 01-28-2011 13:31

    Whoa! This is freaking awesome, I wonder what it would be like if it was 15 vs 15. Looks very fun to play.


  28. By reconfear on 01-28-2011 15:34

    Thats really cool