How I Spent Over 700 Hours Playing Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto is no doubt one of the most popular video game franchises ever created. It has almost everything a gamer could ever ask for. Cars, guns, violence, crime, and women. It’s an open world for gamers to let loose and forget about all the troubles of the real world.

When Grand Theft Auto 4 was released in April of 2008, I instantly fell in love with the game. Working retail at the time, I was able to weasel a copy a week early and was playing it before anyone else got their hands on it. With the exception of reviewers, of course. I was like a kid in a candy store. I had been waiting to play this since the announcement at E3 in 2006. My friend, current HBG webmaster Peter and I spent much of the week playing the game. Peter and I often remarked about the amount of content the game had to offer. Peter even said to me, “think of the hours of entertainment a game like this will provide. This game will cost you $60 one time. When you break it down, it’s an incredible value.” He was right about that.

From time to time, Peter said something else that made sense about GTA IV. He would often comment, “a game like this is recession proof.” I didn’t realize how true it was at the time, but I later found out it was spot-on when I lost my job, and couldn’t afford new games like I used to. I ended up spending a lot of time in Liberty City. Grand Theft Auto IV eventually became a staple of the live broadcast HBG does every Monday – Friday. It was a game where the community could join and be a part of what was going on. It was there on the live broadcast that we gave birth to some custom gametypes that also became of staple of HBG and our GTA IV escapades.

With everything Grand Theft Auto has to offer, it’s easy to see how one could spend many hours playing it. I have personally spent over 700 hours playing this game. While it might be more, my Raptr has logged close to 700 hours since I linked it to my account in the beginning of 2009, so for arguments sake, with the addition of my singleplayer play-time, it’s been well over 700 hours now.

I’d like to take this chance to tell everyone how I spent my time in Liberty City — singleplayer and multiplayer. I’m pretty sure a lot of you out there will enjoy the multiplayer stuff when we get to it.

100% Completion of Vanilla GTA – Story Completion of TLAD and BOGT

From the moment I started playing the singleplayer, I knew I wanted to complete it 100%. I spent 71 hours, 13 minutes, and 03 seconds spanned over the course of a month and a half achieving this goal. I remember at the time my girlfriend and I were having issues and decided to take a “break,” so I was in the clear of any distractions that might keep me from achieving my goal — it was fucking great. The motto at the time was “disregard bitchy girlfriend, acquire pigeons.”

I was working six days a week at the time, but my free time was consumed with GTA. The minute I walked in the door, I’d grab a can of Arizona Ice Tea, sit down, and play. Shortly after completing the storyline in the game, I went on to tackling all of the side content. While everything else went pretty quickly, the pigeons ended up being the most challenging part. I remember sitting there with a map of their locations and crossing them off one by one as I shot those little bastards.

However, it didn’t help that every time I shot one of the pigeons, I would get a wanted level. It just added to the time it took, but I was determined to finish the job. I found all of the pigeons one island at a time and figured this was the best way to approach it. After all the time it took, I remember how great I felt when the achievement for finding all the pigeons, and 100% completion of the game popped up. I breathed a sigh of relief, and felt accomplished. I had done what many might call a nerdy thing to do, but it was fun — damn fun.

After the two DLC packs were announced, I was absolutely thrilled. I wanted nothing more than to have fresh singleplayer content. Let’s face facts here, while GTA is fun, there is only so much you can really do in the singleplayer once you’ve completed it. When The Lost and Damned was released, I was quick to beat the story, but I didn’t explore the side content as I did with vanilla GTA. The same ended up being true for The Ballad of Gay Tony as well. I quickly finished the story, but didn’t do anything after that. 100% completion on vanilla GTA was still good enough for me.

Multiplayer – Free Mode and GTA Races

I found an extension of my love for Grand Theft Auto in its multiplayer. I wasn’t big on playing ranked matches, co-op, or competitively online, but I did play those few modes at first when I started to dive into the game’s multiplayer. I had to explore to find out what I did and didn’t like. Through the process of elimination, I found it was free-mode and GTA races that are truly my favorites.

It wasn’t until I started playing online with the Hot Blooded Gaming community that I found my true love and appreciation for GTA IV’s multiplayer. This was where the fun really began and many many hours were spent. We came up with silly races, custom game modes, and spent days trying to get a man on the statue of happiness’ cup. We did many other things that I grew to love and still love to this very day.

Essentially, free mode put a virtual world at our finger-tips and we used it to our advantage. With any game like this, there is always more to do than what’s there on the surface. All it takes is a little imagination and the right people to go along for the ride. We’ve come up with and played several custom gametypes that I feel a lot of other people would enjoy. That’s why I’ve decided to write this post. To share some of the fun that this community and I have had.

A-Team Custom Gametype – Free Mode

This is my personal favorite out of all the custom game modes that we’ve come up with over the years. A community game of GTA IV is not complete without a round or two of the A-Team. This gametype has even received it’s own post on Kotaku. That was a great honor for not only myself, but the community as well. Playing it is very simple, but it requires complete cooperation from all those involved. Want to learn how to play so you and your friends can try it out? Well, let me tell you!

First you’re going to want to get as many people as you can. We usually play with a full 16 player game. We find that this has the best results and helps to keep things interesting. As they say, the more, the merrier! Now, to get started you’re going to assemble four players in a either or a van or a black Huntley Sport with a red stripe on the side. The Huntley Sports with the red stripe are found more in Ballad of Gay Tony. I have yet to see one in vanilla GTA, so for vanilla — stick to the van. Also, you want to make sure you have friendly fire OFF when you play this. If you’re a fan of the A-Team series, you’ll know that has the A-Team doesn’t actually kill anyone. They just cause a lot of damage.

All the other players can either team up in a single car or have their own. The pursuers and A-Team are limited to just using SMGs, or pistols. Nothing explosive is allowed. That means no RPGs, grenades, and moltovs. Also, the pursuers are not allowed to use a helicopter. After you’ve acquired your weapons and vehicles, everyone will want to start near, or at the Prison in Alderney. This is where you’re going to want to start pumping the A-Team theme song to give you some motivation. Also, it wouldn’t be the A-Team without it, right?

When you begin, the van gets a head start of about 10-15 seconds. Once that 10-15 second grace period is up, the other players may begin the chase. At this point, the A-Team must fight to stay alive. Death or capture is not an option for the A-Team — never has been, never will be. I pity the fool who gets captured or destroyed! The A-Team’s primary objective is to make it to the Airport in Dukes. Once at the airport, the four members of the team must extract in one of the available choppers.

There is a set route to the airport. You can see said route in the video below.

As previously stated, death or capture is not an option for the A-Team!¬† This is probably one of my favorite gametypes to play whenever there are enough people. It’s fun, exciting, and I’m a huge fan of the A-Team, so this is right up my ally. Anyone who is a fan of the series can appreciate this and have a lot of fun with the gametype.

Unique Races – GTA Race or Race Mode

Instead of just doing regular old races where everyone can pick the car they wanted, we decided to make things interesting. Everybody in the game is required to pick the same vehicle. Depending on the vehicle chosen, the race was given it’s own unique name. These races were inspired by people, pop-culture, or some other medium of entertainment or media.

These can all be done in either GTA Race or regular Race with vanilla GTA. They can also be played on any track your heart desires. Here’s a list of some of the unique races that we’ve come up with over the last few years. Fair warning, the last few might offend some people. Just remember, you’ve been warned.

Joe Pesci Race:

Race Class: Vintage
Vehicle: Virgo
Color: 8/10

If you’ve ever watched movies like Goodfellas or My Cousin Vinny, it’s pretty obvious that this car bears a resemblance to the car that Joe Pesci’s driven in those movies. That’s why this race has been given the honor of being named the “Joe Pesci Race.”

Barbie Sports Car Race:

Race Class: Sports
Vehicle: Sultan RS
Color: 15/16

This one should be pretty self explanatory — it’s a pink sports car. This would be right up Barbie’s ally. During the race, you might want to listen to that song Barbie Girl from all those years ago. It helps set the mood for the race.

A-Team Race:

Race Class: SUV
Vehicle: Huntley Sport
Color: 17/19

Another one that is pretty self-explanatory. While it might not be a van, the black car with red stripe on the side has a resemblance to the A-Team vehicle. During the race, you should put the A-Team theme song on to make it feel a little more authentic.

Grimace Race:

Race Class: Motorcycles
Vehicle: PCJ 600
Color: 2/17

This one might not be as obvious as the others. The color scheme is that of McDonalds — the good old yellow and red. Whoever is the purple colored player in the race is Grimace. Grief them during the race. That’s why this is called the Grimace race!

Dirty Sanchez Race:

Race Class: Motorcycles
Vehicle: Sanchez
Color: 5/14

Yeah, you should be able to figure it out. It’s just a dirt-bike named “Sanchez.” What? It’s nothing bad! Get your minds out of the gutters! It’s DEFINITELY not what you’re thinking it is — or is it? The world may never know.

Pedo Van Race:

Race Class: Vans
Vehicle: Speedo
Color: 8/20

Ever see that “Free Candy” van picture that’s floating around the internet? The van above strikes a nice resemblance to that van. That’s why this race has been dubbed “The Pedo Van Race.” Also, you can’t help but laugh that the van is named Speedo

GTA Triathlons – GTA Race (Vanilla) / Free Mode (BOGT)

The idea of the triathlon is exactly what it says it is — a triathlon. However, we’ve come up with two different triathlons for vanilla GTA and BOGT. Each has it’s own unique route, but the basic concept is the same.

Vanilla GTA Triathlon

To do a triathlon in vanilla GTA, you’re going to want to go into GTA Race. The race track you’re going to chose is “Taxiing,” and everyone competing is going to chose the Sanchez. The order in which this race takes place is bike > on foot > swimming. Players will go from the airport to the end of the Algonquin Bridge. Once players reach the end of the bridge, they are to get off their bikes and run on foot to the end of the heli-tour pads. Once the player reaches the end of the heli-tour pad, they will jump into the water, and then swim all the way to Happiness Island.

The first player to reach the Statue of Happiness is the winner. The total race time can run about 10 minutes, but with a full game and some inspirational music blasting in the background — it’s quite epic. We’ve made a video you can check out.

It’s safe to say that this is a long race, and a true test of a players endurance. Do you think you have what it takes?

Ballad of Gay Tony Triathlon:

A triathlon in Ballad of Gay Tony is slightly different than the one you just saw for vanilla GTA. Players can do this in free mode rather than GTA race. This time around there is no bike involved. This one takes advantage of the parachute feature added in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Players will start at a point at the end of the Algonquin Bridge. They will run on foot to the Empire State Building replica — The Rotterdam Tower. From there, players will go to the top and parachute from that point to the end of the dock closest to Alderney on Happiness Island. Yes, it is possible, it just takes a little skill. Players MUST hit the dock or they are counted as disqualified. After players hit the dock, they are to jump into the water and swim to the yacht. The first person to extract with chopper at the yacht is the winner!

This triathlon isn’t as long as the one in vanilla GTA, but it’s just as fun. Again, it’s better when you have a large group of players and some inspirational music going in the background. To show you the full route and where to start, we’ve added another video for you to check out.

GTA Olympics


The GTA Olympics is a mix of all the crazy things we’ve just told you about. This was given life shortly after we came up with the Triathlon in vanilla GTA. The events consist of some of the aforementioned, as well as a standard online gametype in GTA IV. You’ll need to be a little more organized for this one and have some sort of scoring system that awards points to each player depending on what they place in each event. At this point, it’s up to you to decide the point values. After you have that all set-up, you’re ready to go.

A full GTA Olympics consists of the following events.

5 Races:

Pick any of the races from above or come up with your own. The only catch is that all the players must use the same vehicle. The reason they must all use the same vehicle is to keep things fair. All events must be balanced to give players an equal chance at winning. However, if you want to spice things up and enable “survival of the fittest,” you can do this in GTA Race mode. To keep things fair, just chose regular race.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just straight up free-for-all deathmatch. We’d suggest using SMGs or Assault Rifles for this. Make sure players all spawn with the same weapons.

GTA Triathlon:

As the final event, a GTA Triathlon. The final test of endurance and to see who has what it takes to win after going through all the previous events. You’ll need to keep a close eye on who comes in what place in order to appropriately score participants.

After all these events are said and done, the person with the most points is declared the GTA Olympics champion. Do you think you have what it takes? I will admit though, setting up and organizing one of these is a bit of a pain, but the end result is well worth the effort.

GTA Bowling – Free Mode

Yet another one of the crazy things we’ve come up with in GTA IV — GTA Bowling. It’s a fairly simple concept and for the best results, you’ll want to have a full game in free mode. To get set up, all the other players in the game are to stand at one end of the runway at the airport. They will act like the pins. One player will use either a chopper or a Ripley.

When the players are all set up and ready to go at the one end of the runway, the player in the chopper or Ripley will haul ass down the runway towards the others. Naturally that players goal is to strike the other players all set up at their end. Pretty simple right? Chopper/Ripley is the ball, and the other players are the pins. By now you’ve figured out why it’s called GTA Bowling, or at least we hope you have.

Check out the video below for a demonstration of how it’s done.

The Adventures of Mr. Tasty

Since the release back in 2008, I’ve always said I wanted to make a movie or some sort of machinima using GTA IV. Well, in the summer of 2009, that dream became a reality. While it didn’t go too far, and only lasted four episodes, it was a lot of fun to make. However, it was massive undertaking between all the filming and editing.

Filming using a console version of the game made it more of a challenge than if we were to use the PC version. The console versions just doesn’t allow for a lot of the awesome camera angles and cinematic tricks you can achieve on the PC. Nonetheless, it was still really awesome to see all the work we did come together in the way it did.

The premise of the series was to be simple. It followed the life of a violent, disgruntled, foul mouthed ice cream man who has his world turned upside down by the “cart mafia.” He would spend his time battling what seemed to be insurmountable odds — all while screaming “fuckers” over and over. It lacked a solid plot and the voice acting was pretty bad too. Those two things helped to bring the series to an early demise. However, there were some pretty sweet action scenes.

Here is just one of the four episodes we made.

As you can see, not much in the voice acting or plot department. The screaming of “fucker” over and over again seemed little bit pointless looking back, but hey — some people enjoyed it. While it might have not gone very far, and was short lived, it was just another way I spent my time with GTA IV. Maybe one day down the road, Mr. Tasty will make his return.

As you can see, with an open world and a little creativity, games like Grand Theft Auto can go quite a long way. The HBG community and myself have stretched the game past the boundaries of what was already given to us right out of the box. We’ve enjoyed so much more than was originally intended. As I remarked earlier, a community game of GTA just isn’t complete with a round of the A-Team, a GTA Triathlon, or the other stuff we’ve come up with.

While most games give you the same old multiplayer over and over again, I’ve come to realize that Grand Theft Auto has provided a unique experience every time I’ve played it. While the gametypes might be the same, some of the most random things happen every time we play. It only add to the entertainment value. Grand Theft Auto IV cost me $60 at launch, and $20 per expansion. I’ve spent $100 in total on Grand Theft Auto IV. When you break it down even further, I’ve paid roughly $0.14 for each hour of fun I’ve had with the game. That’s an incredible bargain.

The game will keep on giving as I continue playing it until the release of the next Grand Theft Auto — whenever that may be. Here’s to 700 fantastic hours, and many more to come. That folks is how I’ve spent my 700+ hours playing Grand Theft Auto IV.

[Editor’s note: There are a few gametypes we play that we didn’t mention in the main post for one of a few reasons. We didn’t come up with it, or they don’t have the staying power of the ones mentioned above. We feel they should still be mentioned in some capacity, so here is an honorable mention of them

Grenade Baseball - Impossible to finish a game. Gets disorganized extremely quick.
Demolition Derby – Fun as hell, but we didn’t come up with the idea.
Fight Club – Just beat the piss out of each other at the top of a building. Last man standing wins. It gets old fast though and is impossible to set up without failing over and over again.
Mr Tasty and Fire-Truck Races - not really too original like the ones above, but staples of community play.

There is so much you can do with GTA IV. If you have any fun custom gametypes or something you do with GTA IV that you’d like to share, leave a comment and let us know!]

TL;DR: I played 700+ hours of GTA IV and came up with some kick ass custom gametypes and made a machinima.

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  1. By Trittg on 01-31-2011 08:14

    This was an absolutely fantastic read! GTA IV is a game that will always hold a special place in HBG history.


  2. By rando99 on 01-31-2011 08:23

    Very interesting. GTA IV is just one of those games that will only die when the sequel comes out, and yet it may never die. GTA is a masterpiece. It is to gaming what the Mona Lisa is to art. And what the hell does "vanilla" mean?


  3. By Shadowplay1987 on 01-31-2011 08:25

    Really good read, I agree with everything you've said... it really is just recession proof. It's an amazing game on it's own but both the expansion packs have been great too and I've enjoyed every minute I've spent playing. Hope to see more GTA on the cast in the future.


  4. By Chris_is_dop3 on 01-31-2011 08:49

    Some of my favorite HBG memories come from GTA 4 is increadable how a game can offer hours of fun and so much epicness.... GTA 4 will always be a part of me.


  5. By reeseFEAST on 01-31-2011 09:21

    Originally Posted by rando99:
    Quote Very interesting. GTA IV is just one of those games that will only die when the sequel comes out, and yet it may never die. GTA is a masterpiece. It is to gaming what the Mona Lisa is to art. And what the hell does "vanilla" mean?

    vanilla is like factory default, like no dlc, no mods, just the game


  6. By noname1337 on 01-31-2011 09:52

    Fun read Kreyg, but how many hours did you spend getting griefed?


  7. By Blue Wolf X53 on 01-31-2011 10:11

    That was a Very good read. One of the first times I came to the cast is when the everyone was doing the A-team race, very good memories of that day.


  8. By Christian on 01-31-2011 10:19

    What's fascinating is as you're writing about GTA IV, you're already in full swing in the next great addiction for HBG: Minecraft.

    Soon, in a year or two, we'll be reading "How I spent over 700 Hours Playing Minecraft" and fondly remembering all the times on the cast and creations on our map.


  9. By BigFish1812 on 01-31-2011 10:34

    Great read Kreyg. Love how even the game says you're addicted to it.


  10. By ArinaBlack on 01-31-2011 11:18

    Dang Lucky I didn't tl;dr that thing that was pretty good stuff you wrote down Kreyg lots of good things lol "fuckers!!!" Mr. Tasty I can't wait for your next episode anyway nice job creating this large community lol but you don't need me saying this haha god I love these faces


  11. By Visualsights on 01-31-2011 11:47

    Words can't be said for how much I enjoyed this post for the pure insight into Kreyg's journey with this game. In addition the nostalgia that is added on from the past years of the broadcast with this game is a great feeling. Heres hoping for loads more GTA4 Shenanigans!


  12. By Gilbert1978 on 01-31-2011 12:17

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  13. By TonyT61910 on 01-31-2011 12:30

    I was there for a lot of these great GTA moments and many other great moments. YOU DO?!?!?! haha funniest prank call ever...right her on HBG


  14. By Xedus on 01-31-2011 12:43

    There is a gamemode which is pretty damn fun that Lukax23 on JTV hosts in PS3 multiplayer for GTA 4 TBoGT. It is called KOTC (King of the Cup) and it starts like this. Everybody starts on top of the tower near happiness island statue with a parachute ready. At an agreed time on the phone ingame, everybody jumps and opens their parachute with the aim of landing on the cup then using FISTS ONLY to get other people off the cup. If you are knocked off, you are able to get back to the tower to parachute towards the cup. No weapons of any kind allowed. Sometimes 1 person can be in a helicopter to be a pickup service if people spawn far away from the tower. The King of the cup is the last person on the cup after a set amount of time (Usually 10 minutes).

    How does that gamemode sound? There are quite a few more gamemodes which you can enquire about from or watch them in progress Kreyg. One includes the barge by the airport, one involves everybody driving a bus along a route... countless more! A video created by lukax23 showcasing some of these can be found here:

    Anyway, point is, there ARE a countless things you can do in free-mode with willing participants :D


  15. By MoeThirteen on 01-31-2011 13:00

    When I first started watching the cast I didn't have a 360, but when I got the chance to get one I made sure to get Episodes From Liberty City the same day I bought my 360. I also won a prize package from one of the Social Club multi-player events and received it while I was playing GTA 4 on the cast with every body.


  16. By Ashkon91 on 01-31-2011 14:14

    It has to be much more than 700 hours kreyg. Probably 1200+ seeing how i played 800 hours of MW2 and you played WAY more gta than i did MW2. Also nice 0 times busted.


  17. By reconfear on 01-31-2011 14:53

    Thats very interesting.


  18. By Xeon1822 on 01-31-2011 15:00

    I don't blame you Kreyg GTA 4 is a excellent game and will always have a special place in HBG, but one thing I'm asking. What will GTA 5 be like and will it live up to all the fun we had on GTA 4...


    P.S. Good read Kreyg.


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    This makes me..... speechless. I thought i was the only one that spent that much time on GTA.


  20. By M4TH3W on 01-31-2011 15:31

    Grand Theft Auto multiplayer is 99% creativity, 1% griefing.


  21. By JustAndrew1988 on 01-31-2011 15:34

    Really great read. And really awesome how many things you came up with in the multiplayer. I can only imagine the types of things that would've happened if everyone had the PC version and you guys were able to utilize mods along with your creativity.


  22. By MPR11 on 01-31-2011 15:54

    Originally Posted by M4TH3W:
    Quote Grand Theft Auto multiplayer is 99% creativity, 1% griefing.

    Dont you mean 99% creativity 69% greifing?

    Anyway back on topic, Really great read kreyg! I think I have seen more GTA casts then I can count and everyone of them have always been different. No matter what you play it always seems to bring the lolz to everyone in cast :D


  23. By Taylor on 01-31-2011 16:28

    Great article. It's funny how a game can bond to you. How you can play a game, get so many great memories from it. When I think Kreyg, I think GTA 4 and it's always great to see someone get so much joy out of something. I know I had a ton of fun with GTA 4.


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    Very nice Article(if i can call it that), it was wonderful to read. I enjoyed the A-Team Part the most. xD Looking forward to seeing more A-team on the stream.


  25. By KR3W619 on 01-31-2011 17:17

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    Oh GTA4, how I love you. I haven't really even played that much of the story yet, but whenever I have a friend come over we will watch each other play in free mode. Funny shit happens all the time :P


  27. By outroxx on 01-31-2011 18:09

    This is indeed a great game, and I enjoy it so much when casted, even after all this time. My favorite moments were the random stuff happening in free mode.


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  29. By FreeMuffins on 01-31-2011 18:17

    Originally Posted by rando99:
    Quote And what the hell does "vanilla" mean?

    Vanilla means original, and hes saying that because of the expansion packs that came out for GTA IV.

    Anyways, this was so worth it to read. I totally agree 100% with how GTA is fun, but if you tried it on the PS3 it gets really boring considering how most of the people who play it on PS3 are team-killing assholes and little kids, and nobody even considered a custom game mode on the PS3 so every lobby you go to its the original game. Although GTA is fun, I think you HAVE to play custom game modes to not get bored of playing it, and have good friends playing with you. I would also have to agree with you that free-roam and GTA Race are the most fun game modes in the game also. The only other game-mode that i've considered playing other than them are cops and robbers and N.O.O.S.E.

    I really like your post and how much time you put into it. Really nice job. :)


  30. By DeltronZero000 on 01-31-2011 18:21

    Thats amazing, and I though I played GTA a lot. It has really been fun over the years to watch all the games develop into something we all do daily. Awesome Races, Games, Triathlon, The freakin' Olympics (Who else has the Olympics?!). Great Read! Lets go for 1000!


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  35. By Omnislasher on 01-31-2011 19:37

    I always did try to complete the Grand Theft Auto games 100%. Never did though. Collecting the pigeons in IV was a pain, I eventually got tired of driving around for hours looking for them and gave up.

    I really liked how you broke down and explained all the HBG created modes for multiplayer. It's amazing how many modes as a community we've came up with.


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  37. By Cynicalbrit on 01-31-2011 20:28

    I probably watched a couple of hundred of those hours..... and I don't even own then game. Now that scares me a little.
    Great read kreyg, even knowing every one of these game modes already.


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    great article kreyg, im happy to say that ive seen you play a crap load of gta, because truthfully there has rarely been a night where you decide to play gta that isnt fun to watch, minus a few that griefers got out of hand in


  39. By JesusHMacy on 01-31-2011 20:57

    I've been at hbg a long time and I have seen hundreds of hours of gta. I have never gotten board of it yet and as long as we keep coming up with these hilarious game types it shouldn't ever get boring. I have only played a few times because I honestly enjoy watching you guys play more then taking part. I'm still just out of reach of the 100% maybe one day I will get there, and that tasty cheevo.


  40. By bobsavoie on 01-31-2011 21:49

    GTA V = the end of the world


  41. By Cloud on 01-31-2011 21:54

    Playing games for however long is never a waste of time as long as your having fun doing it.


  42. By aergorne on 01-31-2011 21:58

    dam 700 hours that's some excitement i feel you do people make some fun ass game types and there fun for really long


  43. By iiGoTSkiLL on 01-31-2011 21:59

    i actually enjoyed reading for once


  44. By kojack on 02-01-2011 01:10

    Great article Kreyg. I too love how much there is to to in GTA IV. Its like having 10 games in one. i have spent whole weekends playing GTA with there never being a dull moment.


  45. By taran606 on 02-01-2011 02:07

    Kreyg nice work I read most of it but since I watch u play it's kinda self explanatory but over all epic post


  46. By evan1492 on 02-01-2011 21:50

    i love GTA and love what ya'll do keep it up


  47. By Azaz129 on 02-01-2011 22:03

    Wonderful, full article. Though there's a typo in the first sentence of The Adventures of Mr. Tasty section. "Since the release of back in 2008, Iíve always said I wanted to make a movie or some sort of machinima using GTA IV."


  48. By Azaz129 on 02-01-2011 22:10

    Wonderful post! One thing though, in the first section ofThe Adventures of Mr. Tasty section there's a typo. "Since the release of back in 2008, Iíve always said I wanted to make a movie or some sort of machinima using GTA IV."


  49. By pjhold11 on 02-06-2011 19:45

    Now that I have sat down and read this article in its entirety, it comes to realization that HBG redefined a game. My fondest memories were of Kreyg and company playing GTA late into the evenings on friday nights, laughing hysterically at the shenanigans being pulled. Lately ive been so involved in getting into these games that I purchased a Xbox 360 and GTA. Thank you Rockstar for putting out such a great game and thank you Kreyg for allowing us to partake in it.


  50. By Emir360 on 02-06-2011 19:46

    Originally Posted by evan1492:
    Quote i love GTA and love what ya'll do keep it up

    :D Glad you love it, I do too :)


  51. By taran606 on 02-07-2011 23:24

    Fo eva alone!!!!!


  52. By SublimeLabs on 02-17-2011 16:06

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    Haha, great job.


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