16-Year-Old Boy Kills Mother Over PlayStation Argument

Kendall Anderson was a 16-year-old student who grew up in Philadelphia. However, following a lengthy argument with his mother over a PlayStation-based punishment, Kendall quickly became a 16-year-old criminal who has been charged with murder, possession of an instrument of crime, and abuse of a corpse.

Kendall initially attempted to murder his mother, Rashida Anderson, in her sleep by using a hammer. When his original plan failed, the son instead tried to “cremate her” in the kitchen oven. Following this second failure, Kendall’s third course of action was to repeatedly beat his mother with a chair leg before hiding her corpse behind the house.

Unsurprisingly, Kendall was put on trial for the murder of Rashida Anderson after confessing his crime to the Philadelphia Police Department.

Anderson had the following to say about the death of his mother, as mentioned during the trial:

“If I could, I would not do it again. I really miss my mom . . . she was the only person who cared for me.”

Confession: Boy bludgeoned sleeping mom over PlayStation [Philly]

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  1. By FreeMuffins on 02-15-2011 17:02

    How the hell could you get that mad over a Playstation argument?


  2. By Froodge on 02-15-2011 17:05

    If I could, I would not do it again. I really miss my mom . . . she was the only person who cared for me.


    Why would he do it if his mother was the only one who cared for him?

    why why why why why?


  3. By zwitt on 02-15-2011 17:06

    HOLY SHIT! This guy is insane! That is totally uncalled for! How can you get so angry at your parents over PlayStation, that you would attempt to murder your mother 3 times, and then hide her body?! This is messed up!


  4. By xDSJxPyro on 02-15-2011 17:07

    Well no shit if he had the choice he would never do that. Now he is going to spend the rest of his life where he belongs, behind bars. I just don't understand how someone can get so mad to kill another human being.

    Hope he enjoys his time in jail with other criminals, sounds like a great life.


  5. By Kreyg on 02-15-2011 17:09

    I'm with froodge on this one. If he feels that way, then why did he kill his mother?! Sigh, this kid obviously has problems. At least he'll get some help now. That still doesn't excuse what he's done though.


  6. By Grimguy007 on 02-15-2011 17:15

    He needs to blow off steam in a healthier way. To think he might have simmered down after the first failed attempt. It's a good thing he won't be doing much of anything for some time now.


  7. By M4TH3W on 02-15-2011 17:18

    Stop giving FOX News reasons to have a 2 hour special on the dangers of video games!


  8. By Saribella on 02-15-2011 17:18

    Hate to say it, but some kids like this need to be away from video games. They have become too reliant on them like an addiction.

    Sorry just my 2 cents. I have seen kids rage when they have their video games taken away for bad behavior. Not like this thankfully.


  9. By Anonymous on 02-15-2011 17:20

    This, what I am writing, is the only true response I have. Explaining a response since I can't truly begin to have one.


  10. By JustAndrew on 02-15-2011 17:23

    Originally Posted by M4TH3W:
    Quote Stop giving FOX News reasons to have a 2 hour special on the dangers of video games!

    Agreed. Stupid fucking kid. Luckily he'll probably be charged as an adult. Have fun getting raped in prison, dude.


  11. By Pjammies on 02-15-2011 17:33

    This is just sad. And now fox news will have a special on it.


  12. By ZangeTSM on 02-15-2011 17:33

    I remember in my school a few years ago there was a presentation thing and Rashida Anderson was in it.


  13. By Omnislasher on 02-15-2011 17:36

    Another idiot kid. Maybe he has anger issues or mental problems. Who knows?

    Did he not think about the consequences before the act? Apparently he did somewhat with him trying to hide and cremate his mother's corpse. THEN he realizes that she was the only one who loved and cared for him AFTER he kills her. Just....wow...

    All because his video game addiction. He loved his games more than he did his own flesh and blood.


  14. By FlameWolf on 02-15-2011 17:40

    How can someone even think of killing their own mother over a Playstation? Also, didn't he realize this will get him sent to jail? Last time I checked, they don't allow Playstations into jail cells. It would have been better off for him to just serve his punishment.

    Sometimes, people seem to be asking to get sent to jail and/or a mental asylum.


  15. By Christian M. on 02-15-2011 17:42

    WHAT THE FUCK!?! What a fucking idiot. I feel absolutely nothing for this murderer, he can rot in jail for the rest of his life.


  16. By jitzul on 02-15-2011 17:45

    the fucker should be gased for this.


  17. By wolfman_andrew on 02-15-2011 18:11

    i mean this in the most nicest of ways when i say i love my ps3 more then my mom...i hate her BUT i love my girlfriend more then my ps3 and my mom.


  18. By Saribella on 02-15-2011 18:11

    Originally Posted by wolfman_andrew:
    Quote i mean this in the most nicest of ways when i say i love my ps3 more then my mom...i hate her BUT i love my girlfriend more then my ps3 and my mom.

    Hopefully you find a better outlet for your anger than this kid LOL


  19. By Gamersx on 02-15-2011 18:17

    Some of the things people do. I would never do that to my mom, i love her so much :D


  20. By Flaming Jesus on 02-15-2011 18:28

    wow this is fucking crazy


  21. By turinx on 02-15-2011 18:34

    When I was a kid, my parents grounded me plenty of times from playing video games for various reasons. However, not once did the thought of killing them even begin to creep into my mind. This will get spun by the media that video games are bad and create violent children, we all know it will happen.

    Any rational person can see that the problems with these kids are mental, emotional, and social...of course, Jack Thompson and FOX News will try to put the blame squarely on video games.


  22. By chileno2010 on 02-15-2011 18:38

    Wow.....just wow. REALLY?! Over a playstation?! This kid needs some mental medical help and needs to be in a cell with Bubba.


  23. By KR3W619 on 02-15-2011 18:54

    Wow this is terrible but this kid obviously had serious mental issues, a sane child would NOT kill their parents over a game.


  24. By junxtown on 02-15-2011 19:35

    another insane child who cant keep his tempter
    and the media dove in like vultures.

    Well kid, i hope your proud of yourself because your going to prison for life


  25. By dumpdemon on 02-15-2011 19:45

    what a prick


  26. By jakers on 02-15-2011 19:47

    "16 year-old student who grew up in philidelphia"

    West Philidelphia born and raised, on the playground i spent most of my days...

    but seriously this is retarded, and people like this are the ones who keep giving news groups like fox reasons to do their retarded reports on how video games are bad.


  27. By kojack on 02-15-2011 20:15

    This is one of the more horrifying things I have read about. Just for the fact that he tried 3 times to kill his mother, so sad.


  28. By Kadabra25 on 02-15-2011 20:22

    Wow, thats crazy man. I couldn't imagine every killing my mother over a game.


  29. By JMILLZ22 on 02-15-2011 20:32

    This is screwed up


  30. By Curse Ten on 02-15-2011 21:03



  31. By Cloud on 02-15-2011 21:33

    What the fuck goes through a person mind that possesses them to go "Hey instead of waiting for my punishment to be over it will totally be better if i kill my mom" Fucked up shit man :l


  32. By Hype on 02-15-2011 22:55

    Wow, that's crazy.


  33. By santoyo97 on 02-15-2011 22:58

    That was a stupid move to kill some over a PlayStation. But the most stupidest thing about the kid was that he misses his mom. If u were going to kill someone, but u were going to miss, then why are u going to kill that person?


  34. By RYEG on 02-15-2011 23:08

    All I can say is wow


  35. By jerriko on 02-15-2011 23:11

    Wow. Just wow. This really makes his generation look terrible. Not to mention the upcoming generations as well. This is definitely not a good example of what kids are like these days.


  36. By Reaver on 02-15-2011 23:13

    Whhhhhhy man, fucking why would you kill your mom over a playstation!? Who the hell kills their mom over a playstation..


  37. By jim94 on 02-15-2011 23:38

    *over 9000 facepalms* WHY?!?!? why take it out on your own mother??? If he said he loved her, then whyd he kill her then over a lifeless playstation? This guy has some major problems...


  38. By Gilbert1978 on 02-15-2011 23:46

    now he's going to be a prison bitch very soon... get the make up ready and some spoons and wooden chair legs for this animal... from now on, he is gonna get pwned by bubba, frank, mike, debo, chris, and the rest of the 300+ pound guys that will tear that scrawny kid a new hole


  39. By JosephlStalin on 02-15-2011 23:52

    I just don't get it :/


  40. By Techi on 02-16-2011 00:12

    Ok, something is seriously messed up with that kid. I mean, to kill his mom is bad enough. Then attempt to cremate her AND continue to beat her...all over a playstation? Yeah, I think there's something a bit more involved than just being banned from the playstation.


  41. By NicoNikoND on 02-16-2011 00:22

    that kid is a fucking crazy fuck.
    holy shit man how can someone do that?


  42. By Chemical 3 on 02-16-2011 06:10

    Some people are just too stupid. Like the parents who will read about this and then be afraid to punish their kids. I am curious as to what the punishment was. Probably as short amount of time as a week.


  43. By uwi121 on 02-16-2011 11:51

    if my mom told me to stop playing my ps3 i jus stop and play with my psp :))


  44. By The Cannibal Corpse on 02-20-2011 21:34

    What is this world coming to?


  45. By larnigan8 on 02-21-2011 22:08

    wow do video games really bring out the crazy in everyone