Rare NES Game Stadium Events Has Asking Price of $500,000

We’ve seen collectors pay quite a pretty penny for rare games from the past. Just last year we saw a copy of the famed Stadium Events on the NES sell for $41,300. While that’s a lot for any collector to pay, someone out there is asking for quite a bit more. The owner of a factory sealed copy of Stadium Events has listed theirs for sale on ebay for the asking price of $500,000.

The seller has received several offers so far, but declined them all. The game was purchased quite sometime ago at a yard sale of a former Funcoland franchise owner in Orange County, New York. That person probably didn’t know what they had in their possession at the time. However, the person selling this copy does. They’ve even had the game verified as authentic by the Video Game Authority.

If you don’t know who what the Video Game Authority is, they are a company in Georgia that certifies that these old and rare games are indeed authentic — not some cheap rip-off or reproduction. After they verify they are authentic, they then grade them and lock the game in a “professional quality acrylic case” with aforementioned rating and verification on it. It’s a great way for collectors to know they are getting the real deal.

The lucky winner of the game will even receive a  “complete detailed grading report from the Video Game Authority explaining all flaws.” Unlike some fishy auctions we’ve seen in the past, this is one is the real deal folks. This is a one-of-a-kind rare sealed Stadium Events. Whoever decided to shell out the cash for this one will receive the following

– A complete detailed grading report from the Video Game Authority explaining all flaws (oddly enough, the report says it graded an 85+!).
— 10MP professional quality pictures of the game and case (front, back and label).  These are not the pictures you see below, but professional pictures taken by a photographer at the Video Game Authority!

Is this game really worth $500,000? Well, if someone out there is willing to pay it, it will be. As of now, the most anyone has paid for this game is $41,300. We’ll have to just wait and see what happens with this one.

Nintendo NES StAdiUM EvEnTs NTSC SEaLeD VGA 75 NIB NEW! [eBay]

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  1. By JustAndrew on 02-24-2011 16:35

    The guy selling it is out of his mind. Sure, very old, very rare games sell for a high price. But 500,000? Yeah, nothing makes it worth that price at all, in my opinion.


  2. By Flaming Jesus on 02-24-2011 16:39

    who in there right mind would spend that much for a game.


  3. By M4TH3W on 02-24-2011 16:46

    I wonder if James Rolfe owns Stadium Events...


  4. By xDSJxPyro on 02-24-2011 16:47

    What the hell is someone going to to when they win this action? If I was an eccentric millionaire. I would happily buy this, video-tape myself opening it, putting it in an NES, then set the thing on fire. Then send it to the person who sold it to me.


  5. By Nuckles37 on 02-24-2011 17:09

    Hmm, I could either buy a house, or an old video game.
    Well I think I know the obvious choice...the video game...


  6. By M4TH3W on 02-24-2011 17:10

    Originally Posted by Nuckles37:
    Quote Hmm, I could either buy a house, or an old video game.
    Well I think I know the obvious choice...the video game...

    You could also buy a nice pimp-mobile!


  7. By OMFGcata on 02-24-2011 19:42

    Does the seller accept monopoly money?


  8. By FreeMuffins on 02-24-2011 19:54

    I dont see anyone buying this for $500,000. Nobody has that much money to spend, yet on A SINGLE GAME!


  9. By Cynicalbrit on 02-24-2011 20:41

    I cn think of no good reason to buy this game for that much unless it is absolutely the last item in your absurd collection of ancient videogames.
    I'd much rather buy a house.


  10. By NicoNikoND on 02-24-2011 20:44

    i'd never spend that much on a game


  11. By Bigmac81 on 02-24-2011 20:48

    if i had $500,000 i would myself a house not a NES video game


  12. By Awesome1748 on 02-24-2011 20:50

    no one would pay that much for a game. no matter what game it is


  13. By Christian M. on 02-24-2011 22:17

    You never know what you have that has value...


  14. By junxtown on 02-25-2011 04:04

    500 grand for a old piece of game? bah! i bet it would suck though unless your into the collection business


  15. By Shifrit on 02-26-2011 19:34

    Damn, $500,000 just for Stadium Events? Too bad the Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet version doesn't sell for that much, I have that one.


  16. By FangBladez on 02-26-2011 22:27

    Sell it higher!