PAX East 2011: Interview – Chuck “AskACapper” Bittner

We had the chance to finally meet a man well known among the community here at Hot Blooded Gaming — Chuck Bittner. He’s a quadriplegic gamer petitioning for custom button remapping in video games. Back in January we had the chance to talk about his plans for PAX East.

He’s followed through with those plans and has talked to a bunch of developers. The response so far as been great. We had the pleasure of talking to Chuck about his petition and what he was up to at PAX.

Check out Chuck’s site for more details on the petition.

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  1. By JustAndrew on 03-14-2011 03:50

    Good to hear the feedback has been great so far. Hope that continues, and I hope this succeeds.


  2. By junxtown on 03-14-2011 05:07

    i wish chuck some luck with his goal for remapping controller


  3. By turinx on 03-14-2011 06:13

    Awesome interview, thanks for posting it.


  4. By Gamersx on 03-14-2011 08:12

    Man I love Chuck. Great interview Kreyg, keep up the good work :D


  5. By Rocker2791 on 03-14-2011 11:56

    He's doing it. If the world is still around in a few years when this gets implemented (because it's only a matter of time) Chuck will be a hero to thousands... maybe millions... probably not billions =P


  6. By Bobssy2 on 03-14-2011 12:23

    Chuck Bittner is the next Chuck Norris. He is my hero.


  7. By Mortalized on 03-14-2011 12:32

    Really happy for chuck, he's not given up on this and I hope things only get better.


  8. By Omnislasher on 03-14-2011 13:09

    It's really great to hear that he's been getting so much positive feedback on his cause. Hopefully more of the bigger developers will hear his message and support button re-mapping.

    Get'em Chuck!


  9. By Christian M. on 03-14-2011 14:09

    Another awesome interview, Kreyg. I really hope that Chuck gets his word out to other people. I have a friend that was born with only his thumb and pinky on his left hand and it would be great for him to have remapping so he can play.


  10. By Tovan on 03-14-2011 14:58

    It's awesome to hear that Chuck had a successful PAX. Hope his plans for adding an icon on the back of game boxes eventually comes to fruition, sounds like something that would be incredibly helpful.


  11. By Flaming Jesus on 03-14-2011 15:04

    I hope this works out.


  12. By M4TH3W on 03-14-2011 15:20

    I'm glad to hear and see that everything went so well for Chuck at PAX East :)


  13. By outroxx on 03-14-2011 20:10

    I wish him all the success in the world, it takes courage to do what he does and this guy is fucking great


  14. By JesusHMacy on 03-14-2011 20:24

    I'm glad chuck is doing so well with this now. I wish him good luck.


  15. By .:Ra:. on 03-14-2011 20:44

    I'm very glad things are going fantastic! I salute you Chuck!


  16. By Cynicalbrit on 03-14-2011 21:31

    Good to see that the new console developers are all starting to look in this direction. It's never the old guard that do these things first, but they will follow if it seems profitable.


  17. By whoshotjfk on 03-14-2011 21:47

    Great Interview and it's nice to see chuck getting some more exposure, i even think i saw him on machinima respawn a while back.


  18. By dumpdemon on 03-14-2011 23:14

    i am happy to see that there are starting to be some games with full remaping :D


  19. By jim94 on 03-17-2011 22:50

    I hope this goes through many developers minds.
    Good luck to Chuck and I hope he accomplishes everything.