Minecraft Wolves: Man’s Best Friend [Video]

Minecraft recently received the exciting addition of beds which allow players to sleep at night in order to pass the time until morning. Logically, the next course of action for the game is the addition of pets–specifically wolves. These animals can be found in the wild and then tamed with a collar. Upon being tamed, your faithful pack of dogs will follow you around and attack both hostile and passive creatures on command.

The following video showcases a currently unfinished version of the wolves. These creatures will be added to the game upon the upcoming release of beta version 1.4.


Wolfies (work in progress) [Youtube]

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  1. By MrFudge on 03-18-2011 16:23

    AWESOME! Now my plan to destroy the creepers will be complete...


  2. By LittleHeroesUK on 03-18-2011 16:27

    thatSSSsssss a nice wolf you found there, mind if I take a closer look?


  3. By NicoNikoND on 03-18-2011 16:42

    better than dogs in a way :O

    but then again I was going to make a cabin on a mountain so I can sit on the porch with my dog and a shotgun.


  4. By BigFish1812 on 03-18-2011 17:57

    Looks like its time to expand the front porch to let my dog sleep with me in minecraft. Then we can go hunt some creepers.


  5. By CaponeOfWV on 03-19-2011 08:54

    Truly an awesome update from Notch, I might just stick with 1 dog to make it more like fallout :p


  6. By Rocker2791 on 03-19-2011 10:56

    Pretty awesome there Notch and team. The game is really starting to flesh out.


  7. By Xeon1822 on 03-19-2011 14:35

    I can't wait for 1.4, I really need a companion...



  8. By NitroSkull on 03-27-2011 16:25

    I cant wait to see more game changers like this! Maybe i wont have to use mods anymore to add to the game experience


  9. By Curse Ten on 03-27-2011 16:30

    Aww that's so cute!! I want a huge army of wolves!!