Pretend To Play Portal At Home With Your Own Portal Mirrors

If your house’s interior design can’t wait for portal technology to exist to make that big impact on your guests you could just go and make some fake portals in the meantime. That’s what Redditor Corttana and her husband did and it worked great!

If you look at it you could probably find a hundred different ways to do it yourself. The main ingredients are just mirrors, wood, and rope lights. All you have to do is put them together.

Just remember do not try to go through them! You might not be able to play Portal 2 if you do and that would be a shame.

[Reddit via Technabob]

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  1. By Chemical 3 on 03-21-2011 10:10

    I NEED SOME! That way I can stick them facing each other on opposite walls then I can pretend I am just staring through at myself.


  2. By Shifrit on 03-21-2011 14:36

    That's brilliant! I would totally love to have those in my house.


  3. By Rocker2791 on 03-21-2011 14:45

    Even if someone came over and didn't know what Portal is, they're still pretty nice pieces.


  4. By Omnislasher on 03-21-2011 16:37

    Those look pretty snazzy and easy to make. I wouldn't mind having those in my room.


  5. By JMILLZ22 on 03-21-2011 17:03

    Those would be awesome to have in my dorm room.


  6. By outroxx on 03-21-2011 17:33

    These are awesome, I may do some for myself


  7. By Blade on 03-21-2011 17:38

    Those look really cool.