Playstation History Collection Gashapon

You might be thinking “You had me until gashapon.” which is understandable, but the simple explanation is they are the little toys in plastic capsules usually found at the entrance of grocery stores. In the US these toys are usually cheap garbage, but in Japan they’re the bomb.

Takara Tomy has come out with a special history collection of gashapon that celebrate the first Playstation by releasing the different variations of the console that also include a couple accessories. The 4 models include:

* SCPH-1000 with I.Q. game, memory card, and original joypad
* SCPH-7000 with Minna no Golf, memory card, Dual Shock
* SCPH-9000 with Ape Escape and PocketStation (SCPH-4000C)
* SCPH-101 with LCD monitor accessory, Dual Shock 2, and Dokodemo

The import website NCSX is offering complete sets of four as a pre-order for $29.90 USD and will be shipping them in July. If that sounds a little steep just remember the other option involves a plane ticket and a lot of change.

Visit NCSX for more information.

PlayStation History Collection Gashapon [Game Set Watch]


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  1. By JustAndrew on 04-08-2011 10:28

    May be filled with crap, but still pretty cool nonetheless.


  2. By UFC345 on 04-08-2011 18:01

    thats pretty cool


  3. By outroxx on 04-08-2011 19:01

    Now that's badass