Twisted Metal Gets An Extended Trailer

Last week we showed you the first trailer we’ve seen in a long time for the new Twisted Metal game. Well, fans should be excited to know that the video above is an extended version of what was shown last week — that’s right. It’s not too much longer, but it definitely shows off a bit more than the previous one. Luckily the October 4th release date stayed the same.

Hopefully we’ll see more as we get closer to release. You can probably bet that there will be something at E3 this year. Well, at least we can all hope there will be. Be sure to pre-order Twisted Metal and start getting pumped now for October 4th.

Twisted Metal Extended Trailer Reveal, Pre-Order For Axel [PlayStation Blog]

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  1. By Christian M. on 04-14-2011 16:10

    Looks awesome, but I'm selling my PS3....


  2. By Rellik on 04-14-2011 18:26

    I wonder how many PS3's this game will sell. I know there are some hardcore Twisted Metal fans out there that have been waiting for this game to get a PS3.


  3. By EMiR360 on 04-14-2011 18:44

    This game is the only reason I want to get a PS3. :P


  4. By Fumbles Mcgee on 04-14-2011 18:44

    Really looking forward to this, the last TM I cared about was Twisted Metal 2, I hope this will change that.


  5. By outroxx on 04-14-2011 18:48

    Used to enjoy this game sooo much when I got drunk, can't wait to bring back old traditions