Light Up Your Life With A Mushroom Lamp

Everybody needs light at the end of the day but sometimes what you find is just not right for you and your surroundings — what’s a gamer to do? Well, Think Geek is coming to your rescue with a nifty mushroom lamp inspired by the Super Mario Bros. games.

To turn the lamp on or off simply press the top of the mushroom. This lamp comes in two colors, red or green, and the 2 bright white LEDs can be powered by USB or if ports are hard to come by 4 AA batteries. The diameter of the mushroom is 5.12 inches, the base diameter is 4.25 inches, and it’s 5.5 inches tall.

You can get this lamp at Think Geek for $9.99! Not bad.

Super Mario USB Mushroom Lamp [Craziest Gadgets]


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  1. By Omnislasher on 04-28-2011 11:32

    Not bad for a snazzy little Mario mushroom-esqued lamp. Only 10$, not bad at all.


  2. By JustAndrew on 04-28-2011 11:34

    Oh nice. I might get one of these. I've got one of those salt crystal lamps on my desk right now. Parents got me one when they went to Savannah. And they do not work as advertised. Lol.


  3. By TimmyV31 on 04-28-2011 11:36

    I'll take 7!!


  4. By Amberr on 04-28-2011 11:53

    Those are so cool. :o I want one (or several xD).


  5. By UFC345 on 04-28-2011 12:37

    thats cool i might buy some


  6. By jojo_A1984 on 04-28-2011 17:19

    that is pretty cool


  7. By junxtown on 04-28-2011 18:13

    i want that lamp!~ It would look great in my blue bedroom


  8. By UnrealX2 on 04-28-2011 18:32

    wow i want 1 lol


  9. By Flaming Jesus on 04-28-2011 18:34

    OMG I want one of these.


  10. By Techi on 04-28-2011 21:04

    If I were a guy, there would be ectoplasm everywhere right now. Those lamps are fucken sick!