Get Your Own Grass Cube Inspired By Minecraft

If you are hopelessly addicted to Minecraft and can’t get enough there is something you should see. If you happen to have an empty space in your home or you want an item at work to remind you of what fun waits for you at home this cube of dirt with grass on top might just be what your looking for.

This 2.5 inch cube was originally made to sit on the desk of the person who makes these. For those unfamiliar with the game it would be quite a conversation starter, “Hey what’s with the ‘cube-o-dirt?'”.  If you’d like you could even buy a few and then really see productivity drop.

The cube is made by Etsy user Laketide who is charging $10 for a cube which is made when you order.

Be sure to check out Laketide’s Etsy shop for more kinds of grass cubes that he makes.

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  1. By Z.Witt on 05-13-2011 14:45

    Aesthetically, they are very pleasing, but ten dollars does seem slightly pricey for something so small. Nonetheless, I do think that it is a cute idea and I hope the designer does make some money.


  2. By xBrainHarvester on 05-13-2011 14:57

    10 Bucks? I'd probably buy it if it was lower, but a good idea for a product


  3. By Amberr on 05-13-2011 16:22

    Too realistic for me.
    Give me one of those printable cube templates that has Minecraft block textures on it. Would look more like actual Minecraft blocks then.


  4. By outroxx on 05-13-2011 19:09

    Talk about trying to get money from nothing. It's a damn cube of grass!


  5. By PsychoNerd on 05-13-2011 19:12

    This is cool and all but are we really at the point where we're paying $10 for dirt squares?