Darksiders II Unveiled, Puts You In Control Of Horseman Of The Apocalypse, Death

The original Darksiders was a relatively successful release for THQ back in early 2010. The game followed one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, War, after he was wrongly summoned to Earth by a premature battle between Heaven and Hell which wiped out humanity.

Following the conclusion of Darksiders, War has now been placed on the sidelines and one of his three brothers, Death, has been promoted to the prestigious role of main character in the upcoming Darksiders II. As Death, you have been tasked with restoring the human race after it was completely destroyed during the Apocalypse.

This small amount of information comes to us from Game Informer, which features the first Darksiders II teaser image as the magazine’s July cover.

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  1. By needless on 06-01-2011 17:42

    Hmm, the ending made it seem that all four would be playable, co-op style. Still, I enjoyed Darksiders so I'll be happy to play the sequel.


  2. By michael on 06-01-2011 18:02

    well i hope this one is better then darksiders1