Saints Row: The Third – Power Trailer

THQ is on a media blitz before E3 is seems like.l They have been releasing plenty of game news, along with new project just in time for E3. While Saints Row: The Third was announced some time ago, the news on it has been few and far between. However they did show us a trailer with actual game-play footage, which was a punch in the nuts. This new trailer is different, it shows more of the game, even though it is all cinematic. It gets us hyped for this game. So this is an actual trailer you should watch.

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  1. By jitzul on 06-02-2011 15:36

    This has to be one of the best trailers I have seen in a awhile.


  2. By needless on 06-02-2011 16:01

    God, E3 can't come soon enough. Needs me some in game footage. Sick trailer though.


  3. By Protogonos on 06-02-2011 16:47

    Awesome trailer. Almost as awesome as Duke Nukem Forever's.


  4. By EnigmaticHeretic on 06-02-2011 17:13

    I cant wait this game is going to be fucking awesome


  5. By Vaskar on 06-02-2011 17:26

    Man i need a job to keep up with my gaming adduction lol


  6. By GnarlyOat on 06-02-2011 18:10

    I'm going laugh my ass off if this what they are advertising under that same old tired physics engine. It's almost false advertisement.


  7. By turinx on 06-02-2011 19:09

    Saints 1 I liked, Saints 2 I thought was kind of I'm really hoping this one gets me excited about the franchise again.


  8. By BigFish1812 on 06-02-2011 19:34

    Fucking awesome trailer.


  9. By junxtown on 06-02-2011 19:38

    wow.... that trailer gave me goosebumps.
    only on the 18th of november huh


  10. By Techi on 06-02-2011 19:44

    This looks....AMAZING! I am a huge fan of the Saint's Row games. I actually may pre-order this one.


  11. By JustAndrew on 06-02-2011 19:52

    As long as the driving is improved.

    Should really be a fun game though.


  12. By ArinaBlack on 06-03-2011 06:55

    Wow I really want to get this game now this trailer is badass


  13. By reconfear on 06-05-2011 20:02

    Awesome trailer. cant wait to get this game


  14. By Gunner164 on 06-05-2011 20:43

    i cant wait for this game its gonna be fucking epic i allways liked saints row