E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Trailer

During the Microsoft press conference, it was announced that Mass Effect 3 would utilize Kinect on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Later on during the EA press conference, they showed off a brief demonstration of the game, as well as a gameplay trailer for fans of the series to gawk over. For all those who might have missed it, here is that trailer.

Mass Effect 3 is set to hit store shelves next year on March 6, 2012.

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  1. By JustAndrew on 06-06-2011 17:49

    March is too far away. I demand it be moved back to where it was before!


  2. By junxtown on 06-06-2011 18:37

    Cant wait! I agree with andrew, March is too far :(


  3. By UFC345 on 06-06-2011 18:49

    why must it be so far away


  4. By Ianoy on 06-06-2011 20:04

    With how great the trailer looks and how good Mass Effect 2 was I can't wait to finish the fight in Mass Effect 3.


  5. By bluemidnightrayz on 06-06-2011 20:23

    Why must it be released March T~T... ME3 looks fantastic. Also yay we can do barrel rolls!!!


  6. By Mr. Jarrow. on 06-06-2011 21:07

    This was one of the top games on my list, as well as SW:TOR. I can't wait until March, but I can't let myself get hyped, either.


  7. By Reaver on 06-06-2011 21:58

    Super sad that i have to wait till march for it but i can wait. One thing i have to say is, when i saw shepard on that geth vehicle shooting at that reaper, i had one image popping up in my mind. It was this:


  8. By Techi on 06-06-2011 22:15

    March....MARCH! Gah! Can't come soon enough. At least the release date is in March, and not May. I think I would move my wedding if they would have released it in May.


  9. By MainFatality on 06-07-2011 00:34

    I am kinda scared to see the game is becoming too actiony. I'm still getting it regardless but still. I want the RPG elements to return.


  10. By KuroNekoVamp on 06-07-2011 00:51

    Look arite....


  11. By Protogonos on 06-07-2011 01:16

    As entirely expected, it's looking epic.


  12. By Gilbert1978 on 06-07-2011 09:00

    march? of 2020 if this keeps getting pushed back more and more