EA: The Battlefield 3 Frostbite Engine Is Too Complex For People To Mod

Underestimating the internet is never a particularly strong decision. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what EA seems to be doing in regards to the highly anticipated title, Battlefield 3, on the PC.

When asked directly by GameStar about the possibility of mods for the upcoming game, EA Senior Vice President Patrick Söderlund responded by stating that there are currently no plans to release Battlefield 3 modding tools–largely due to the complexity of the Frostbite engine. Söderlund claimed that it would simply be too difficult for people to create mods with aspects of the engine such as destruction and complicated level design.

As you can imagine, the modding community isn’t entirely thrilled by this response from EA, as it essentially insults their intelligence.

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  1. By BigFish1812 on 07-04-2011 14:17

    Silly EA, modders will find a way to mod the game, and it won't take that long.


  2. By Gilbert1978 on 07-04-2011 14:23

    ha ha ha.. nice EA, tell the modders to F themselves... nicely played... let the hacking BEGIN!!!


  3. By T o n y on 07-04-2011 14:32

    We'll see about that...


  4. By UFC345 on 07-04-2011 14:33

    incoming mods


  5. By JustAndrew on 07-04-2011 14:56

    Lol EA has no clue what they're talking about. Then again, they're only a step above Activision's level. So it doesn't surprise me.


  6. By MrPixel on 07-04-2011 15:21

    ...I would still think some modders are smart enough.


  7. By Explore on 07-04-2011 16:25



  8. By Protogonos on 07-04-2011 16:26

    Nice excuse, EA.


  9. By Dakomissar on 07-04-2011 16:29

    Damn... I guess the most we'll see are skin mods. That certainly is disappointing.


  10. By junxtown on 07-04-2011 16:31

    whatever you put to prevent modding, there is and always a way to mod a game


  11. By Gunner164 on 07-04-2011 17:54

    modders are gonna be all over this game now


  12. By Z.Witt on 07-04-2011 20:40

    Says the developers. People will learn how to work with the engine, and then we will have some epic mods.


  13. By baznov on 07-05-2011 01:52

    yea the obviously don't know modders then


  14. By Dozck on 07-05-2011 02:02

    Question: Will there be a computer than can run the game at the highest potential?
    Anwser: There will be.


  15. By ceco_bg on 07-05-2011 03:22

    They don't know shit about mods. Even if it takes people a pretty long time I'm sure they'll eventually make some awesome mods for the game. It also might be EA just being a-holes and not wanting to release the modding tools for some reason, covering it up with a lame excuse of "its too difficult to mod it"


  16. By KuroNekoVamp on 07-05-2011 03:28

    Modders:"Too Complex? "


  17. By GnarlyOat on 07-05-2011 07:45

    All E.A. is doing is speeding the process up. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some online myg0t sporkeh applications within weeks on the PC end of things.


  18. By Porecomesis on 02-27-2012 21:39

    Has anyone made mods for the game yet?