GameStop’s Impulse Digital Distribution Service Is Now Available

GameStop originally acquired Impulse, a digital distribution service and subsidiary of Stardock Systems, back in March. Now, a few months after this initial purchase, the service is available directly through GameStop’s website.

If you wish to utilize this new digital store, you must first download the official Impulse client. Similar to competitors such as Steam and EA’s Origin, this client will allow users to “purchase, download, install, update and manage their digital purchases.”

With the implementation of this new service, gift cards, certificates and accumulated credit still cannot be used to purchase digital games from Impulse. However, according to GameStop, these payment methods are anticipated to be available at a later date.

Are you prepared to download yet another digital store client?


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  1. By JustAndrew on 07-13-2011 16:35

    This won't even last a year. Dunno why they're bothering.


  2. By stealthborn on 07-13-2011 16:35

    I'm curious to see how this goes up head-to-head with the other services out there.


  3. By xDSJxPyro on 07-13-2011 16:38

    Oh joy just one more thing I WON'T use GameStop to buy from. Do they really think they can take on Steam, and now EA, plus the many other services. Oh well, they have plenty of money to burn.


  4. By KR3W619 on 07-13-2011 16:39

    We have enough of these now! Stop adding more!


  5. By Paly_Viking on 07-13-2011 16:40

    I'll probably never use this but it seems like a nice step forward for gamestop.


  6. By s1yfox on 07-13-2011 16:44

    Steam sales eat your heart out gamestop xD


  7. By Z.Witt on 07-13-2011 16:48

    There are too many and better digital distributors that have stood up for many years, some almost decades. I think Gamestop has come a little to late to the party.


  8. By MrPixel on 07-13-2011 16:57

    Steam forever <3

    Seriously there are dirt cheap deals on there a lot.


  9. By Tojimaru on 07-13-2011 17:44

    Why would you use this, when you could use Steam?


  10. By outroxx on 07-13-2011 19:26

    Will not work.. Unless they manage to put up some miracle-like deals.


  11. By ZangeTSM on 07-13-2011 22:05

    I'll stick with steam


  12. By michael on 07-13-2011 23:34

    i think it wont last a year


  13. By junxtown on 07-14-2011 02:40

    ugh.... why cant we just leave steam as a primary and only digital distribute