Serious Sam Publisher Sticks It To Origin

Well news of late has been how EA games have been mysteriously “disappearing”¬† from Steam, and that future big EA titles won’t show up on Steam but rather on Origin. Now steps in the Serious Sam 3: BFE publisher —¬†Devolver Digital who has basically made fun or Origin and how they plan on sticking with Steam to distribute their game digitally. Don’t believe me, maybe you should just give this press release an ole reading with your eyeballs.

I love it, they know Steam is the way to go when it comes to digital distribution and in that Serious Sam way have mocked Origin which just makes it all the better.

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  1. By BigFish1812 on 07-29-2011 14:35

    In game nachos will always win.


  2. By MrPixel on 07-29-2011 14:36

    After reading this...there needs to be more velvet covered jetskis in the world.


  3. By M4TH3W on 07-29-2011 14:40

    Poor EA and poor Origin


  4. By Z.Witt on 07-29-2011 14:50

    I want my portugese adult film and some ingame nachos plz


  5. By JustAndrew on 07-29-2011 15:04

    XD! I now officially love all Serious Sam games. Whether I've played them or not.


  6. By stealthborn on 07-29-2011 16:25

    When they take shots at EA's service, you know it is off to a crappy start.


  7. By liquid_ocelot on 07-29-2011 20:34

    Hahaha! I love it!


  8. By ceco_bg on 07-29-2011 22:20

    Suck it EA. I love these guys now. Kind of reminds me of the TF2 blog humor :P


  9. By chileno2010 on 07-29-2011 22:40

    AWESOME!!!!! I lol'd hard!


  10. By Bobssy2 on 07-30-2011 00:00

    Hell yeah!


  11. By Reaver on 07-30-2011 00:08

    A game i don't care about takes a shot at a digital store i don't care about, woe is me. I'm glad i don't buy from Steam or Origin, this is just another cock fight i want nothing to do with.