Video Game Bucket List: Mass Effect


In this feature I will be discussing games that all gamers should play before they die. This week’s game as a part of our weekly entry, is Mass Effect.  Now I’m sure many of you have probably played this game before, so you shouldn’t be that surprised that I wrote about this. This article is targeted at the ones who have never played it or look at it as a Star Wars rip-off (which is isn’t).

Mass Effect is a sci-fi game that takes place in the future, where we have colonized in space and we are part of an intergalactic order, with all who inhabit the Milky Way. You play as a character named Shepard, whose objective is to save the galaxy from some ancient alien race. Now that sounds generic on paper, right? Wrong! This game is more than just a simple story, it’s about how we interact with the world around us. The folks at Bioware, implemented a social system which not only carries on to the end of the game, but also carries on to its sequels. You have to admit that’s pretty cool. The smallest little decision you make about a character, can change the way they interact with you in the next game; for example (SPOILERS), I chose to kill Wrex in my playthrough in the first game and in the second game, his brother mentioned that killing him was the right thing to do(END SPOILERS). The minor interactions with interesting characters like: Kaiden, Ashley, Liara and Garrus, add so much depth to the whole story and making those crucial decisions.

The shooting isn’t necessarily perfect, but as far as RPG games go, it’s pretty well done. During the start of the game, you have a choice on what type of character you want to create. Whether it’s a biotic, engineer, soldier, etc… Each class has their own abilities and will make you play this game a little differently. The soldier class has a variety of weapons for any type of situation, while biotics have the ability to throw and launch enemies at a distance. In the end, the combat is satisfying and will make you think twice before entering a massive fire fight. The game also incorporates squad’s to escort you around each level, every single member can be customized from there armor to how their powers adapt. There are also vehicle sections when it comes to exploring planets, they are a nice break from pace (if you ever felt overwhelmed with shooting and talking).

One of the best things about Mass Effect is probably the music in the game. From listening to that catchy tune on the elevator, to humming along with the music as you walk through the citadel. No doubt about it, this game has an epic score. The music sets the tone on every single situation you face and how quickly it changes as a new problem rises. Jack Wall and Sam Hulick, who composed Mass Effect, did a tremendous job sucking you into this world and making you feel like you’re walking on these exotic planets.

Mass Effect is a great game and it offers a lot to all gamers. Many would proclaim the Mass Effect 2 is a superior game than the original; I on the other hand, think the first game is more memorable  and much more atmospheric. To really appreciate the game, you must play the entire franchise to see how it all ends, but the sheer brilliance that is Mass Effect, must be played by all gamers. So to those who have never played this game, you’re missing out on one of the best games of all time.

If you do have your criticism that’s fine, but I ask you comment on it and leave behind a game that should be on everyone’s” Video Game Bucket List”.


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  1. By JustAndrew on 08-17-2011 20:02

    Happy to say I have played ME many many times. I've never gotten tired of it.


  2. By MasterExploder2 on 08-17-2011 20:04

    Mass Effect is the first video game series that I really got into. Both games so far have been incredible, and a recommend that anyone who hasn't yet played the series do so as soon as possible.


  3. By M4TH3W on 08-17-2011 20:14

    I never got around to playing Mass Effect 1 or 2, but now that the series is on the PS3 I will eventually get around to buying and playing it :P


  4. By mrcheez on 08-17-2011 20:36

    This sounds almost better than ME2 , ive only played the second one


  5. By Z.Witt on 08-17-2011 21:04

    I love this game!


  6. By Kaburio on 08-17-2011 22:43

    I love Mass Effect, haven't played Mass Effect 2 yet, but I will eventually get it after I get nearly all achievements in the first one. I say this song should be part of the ending credits of Mass Effect 3.


  7. By Ranjan on 08-17-2011 22:59

    Originally Posted by mrcheez:
    Quote This sounds almost better than ME2 , ive only played the second one

    You're missing out on a great game, I believe it's twenty bucks on steam.


  8. By bluemidnightrayz on 08-17-2011 23:21

    I love Mass Effect soooo much. I love Mass Effect so much that during the Steam Summer Sales I bought the Mass Effect bundle. I remember when Mass Effect 2 was close to release I played around 3 playthroughs of Mass Effect. I got the best weapons, armor, etc. I did reach max level through :( The thing that I love about ME1 more than ME2 was the customization in terms of Weapons, Armor, The Leveling Up System, Upgrades, etc. Also Mass Effect had one of the greatest ending songs.... ever.

    soooo gooood


  9. By junxtown on 08-18-2011 01:47

    I only played ME 2 and it was a great game


  10. By Soapy Meadows on 08-18-2011 01:47

    I really loved Mass Effect. I'm one of those crazy people who thought it was superior in nearly every way to ME2. The first game felt more like you were on an adventure, and had a way more interesting and climatic finale, while the 2nd game felt more like..... just going around.....doing stuff......recruiting people, and then finally you get to some story. I dunno, I liked the 2nd one well enough but the first was amazing.


  11. By EMiR360 on 08-18-2011 12:35

    I still haven't beaten any of the games :( I gotta get on that..


  12. By buddhachriz on 08-18-2011 19:11

    If you haven't played either mass effect games yet, you must. The mass effect world is a great experience.


  13. By NicoNikoND on 08-18-2011 19:14

    I never played 1 or 2.

    Maybe i should sometime...


  14. By MainFatality on 08-18-2011 22:20

    Mass Effect is definitely one of my favorite series. Except that one time where the game glitched on me and stretched me across some stairs and couldn't die and I didn't save for over an hour of work. But besides that, it is definitely one of my all time favorites.