Pro Evo Soccer 2012 Demos Inbound to All Major Platforms

Football (Or Soccer to everyone else) fans around the globe will soon get a chance to lay their virtual hands and feet on a demo of Konami’s latest football series installation.

August 24th will see the first demo of PES 2012 take place, showcasing the new “Teammate Control” gameplay features and Active AI. The first demo is an early preview build to let gamers get some gameplay time and offer feedback to the developers.

“We truly value the support and input of our user base,” said Jon Murphy, the European PES Team Leader, “And these demos are so they can see how their help has aided the most ambitious PES to date.”

Yes, you read both the quote and headline right, as Konami is launching two demos, the last of which will feature a more refined gameplay engine, ultimately showcasing the final polished product.

The first demo on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC will give players access to ten minute matches with Manchester United, AC Milan, FC Porto, S.S.C Napoli, Santos FC, and C.A. Panarol.

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  1. By Gilbert1978 on 08-23-2011 01:50

    sounds very promising...


  2. By M4TH3W on 08-23-2011 14:30

    Pro Evolution has been getting a lot better in recent years, but in the end that doesn't matter to me because I'll end up trying the demo anyways #sucker


  3. By Ryz on 08-23-2011 14:54

    I prefer FIFA to Pro Evo.

    300th post


  4. By chileno2010 on 08-23-2011 16:02

    It's Penarol btw. But yeah, I'm caught up with Fifa and Pro Evo this year. Fifa has more team licenses but Pro Evo has the Champions League, Uefa Cup, and Copa Libertadores, which is the South American UCL. They are both looking amazing. I've seen gameplay of both but I wanna wait until I play it. The Fifa demo has AC Milan, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona, Manchester City, and Olympique Marseille. So have to play both and see which I'll get.


  5. By KyleMac on 08-24-2011 11:44

    Originally Posted by M4TH3W:
    Quote Pro Evolution has been getting a lot better in recent years, but in the end that doesn't matter to me because I'll end up trying the demo anyways #sucker

    Pro Evo used to be considered the better franchise. Pro Evo was for "true" football fans and FIFA was for people who just wanted all the real kits and player names etc. So the true thing to say would be that "FIFA has been a lot better in recent years".


  6. By x ch4zy on 08-24-2011 12:17

    I`ve always been a pro man, but i didnt get pro 11 last year I had enough of all the bs that would happen in the game... Think this year im defo getting fifa :)