GameStop Employees Instructed To Open PC Copies Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution And Remove Free OnLive Codes


You may be aware of the fact that those who purchased a physical copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the PC were greeted with pleasant surprise – a free redemption code for the OnLive version of the game. A very nice gesture from the cloud-based service, which no doubt saw a respectable increase in activity yesterday.

President and CEO of OnLive, Steve Perlman, said the following in regards to the free OnLive code:

“Gamers get the best of both worlds — a physical copy for their home PC and an OnLive cloud gaming copy for instant-play anywhere on an HDTV, PC, Mac, and soon iPad and Android tablets.”

However, this is where the situation becomes less than ideal. As it turns out, GameStop employees are supposedly being instructed to open all copies of the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and remove the free OnLive code. Then, after they have already opened it, sell the game as new.

The following image is a message that was allegedly sent by GameStop management, which directly tells employees of the company to break the seal on all new copies of the recently released game.

For those of you who can’t make out the distorted message, it says the following:

“Please immediately remove and discard the On Live coupon from all Regular PC versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Our desire is to not have this coupon go to any customers after this announcement.”

Obviously, you’re free to draw your own conclusions based on this information, but you can imagine that the majority of the industry isn’t very fond of this kind of business. In fact, some would say that it’s absolutely unacceptable.

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  1. By Z.Witt on 08-24-2011 13:51

    This seems kind of fucked.

    I think that
    1. having early buyers allowed to keep the code is stupid, and thusly the OnLive abilities should be suspended if they wish to disallow late purchasers from having the code.
    2. disallowing late purchasers from having this code is false advertisement.
    3. selling the game as new is false advertisement

    They should sell the game for less than the original price if they dare open my game and remove the code.


  2. By Soapy Meadows on 08-24-2011 13:59

    I....just..... but why? Is......there a reason for this.....?


  3. By KR3W619 on 08-24-2011 14:01

    I'm guessing they are doing this because of the game streaming service Gamestop is gonna have soon.


  4. By Putrick on 08-24-2011 14:05

    wow that is pretty ass of them


  5. By Ryz on 08-24-2011 14:07

    What a bunch of a-holes


  6. By JustAndrew on 08-24-2011 14:17

    Not a surprise at all. Gamestop are a bunch of assholes, after all.


  7. By iluffsasuke on 08-24-2011 14:22

    How are they allowed to do this? I just don't understand :(


  8. By Saribella on 08-24-2011 14:23

    Isn't this illegal?


  9. By BryceWilson on 08-24-2011 14:26

    Hahah Gamestop is a fucking joke. Easiest way to put it.


  10. By ceco_bg on 08-24-2011 14:31

    I smell a lawsuit coming


  11. By sserschens on 08-24-2011 14:44

    Originally Posted by KR3W619:
    Quote I'm guessing they are doing this because of the game streaming service Gamestop is gonna have soon.

    this is probably true and they don't want to lose business in their stores. i can't believe they'd stoop so low though. just don't carry the game if you don't want the customers to have the stuff included in the product.

    This would be like Wal-Mart taking the alan wrench out of a futon set just because they want to sell one separately.


  12. By noelgrc on 08-24-2011 14:56

    Well I'm returning my copy today, if i don't get a refund so help me god i'll record myself destroying the store and post it on youtube. This is an outrage? Why sell the game new if its OPENED?! Gamestop is a bunch of fucking idiots and will not be getting of my money anymore. I Am sticking to Amazon.


  13. By oO CurrY Oo on 08-24-2011 14:58

    This doesn't seem fair and I would be pissed to get a new game thats opened already.


  14. By shaun10 on 08-24-2011 15:23

    Why do you do this Gamestop ?
    Why the hell do you sell opened box as a new product ?


  15. By UFC345 on 08-24-2011 15:29

    dick move but still i rather have physical copy than a digitally one


  16. By MainFatality on 08-24-2011 15:43

    Wow the fook Gamestop. What would be the point of buying the physical copy of the game then if it doesn't come with the OnLive version too, I would think that would have been the major factor for people to buying it.


  17. By xDSJxPyro on 08-24-2011 16:18

    This is absolute bullshit! Where in the hell does GameStop get the balls to do shit like this? One more reason NOT to shop at GameStop, and what's the reason behind this? What are the going to do with all those coupons?


  18. By ZangeTSM on 08-24-2011 16:37

    The only time I go to Gamestop is if I absolutely have to...the employees at the one clostest to me are a bunch of idiots too. A few days after Mass Effect 2 came out they tried to sell me an opened copy of it as brand new, which wouldn't of been much of a problem if the Ceberus Network code was in it, which it wasn't, so I was lucky enough to notice it before I pulled out of the parking lot.


  19. By ssj4shanefitzy on 08-24-2011 17:10

    GameStop are assholes and morons, that is all.


  20. By M4TH3W on 08-24-2011 18:09

    maybe the people at GameStop just really like OnLive and want to keep the codes for themselves


  21. By outroxx on 08-24-2011 18:13

    Hope gamestop gets problems for that, cuz thats shitty...


  22. By jim94 on 08-24-2011 18:16

    What a bunch of jerks, I wonder what the reason is.
    Un-sealed copies sold as new....ewie.


  23. By Hunter on 08-24-2011 18:29

    Man that is some bullshit...


  24. By Techi on 08-24-2011 18:43

    inb4 Gamestop closes down.

    Seriously wtf. This is ridiculous. What were they thinking?


  25. By Vaskar on 08-24-2011 18:51

    Ima call it now, fake. It doenst even look like a real email it looks like something printed from notepad. Obvious Libel is obvious.

    Did somemore looking maybe not BS after all. tho that pic still looks fake. GS told CNN "

    Square Enix packed a competitor's coupon within the PC version of the game without our knowledge or consent and therefore we did pull these coupons," Hodges said in an e-mail. "GameStop's policy is that we do not promote competitive services without a formal partnership."


    Now, GameStop says it will not sell the opened DXHR packages -- in fact, it won't sell any physical copies of the game at all until Square Enix ships GameStop a version without the OnLive coupon. GameSpot will continue to sell its own digital version of the game in its stores and online.


  26. By Crash McCloud on 08-24-2011 19:19

    I just got home from Gamestop. They told me it's true x.x


  27. By CVagts on 08-24-2011 19:29

    I don't mind GameStop in general for older/used games, but because of things like this and past experiences with EBGames/GameStop stores, I almost never buy new games from there. Indefensible, even if Square Enix sprung the OnLive codes as a surprise.


  28. By turinx on 08-24-2011 19:49

    I totally disagree with Gamestop selling the game as "New" after they've opened them to remove the code, but I understand them wanting to protect their own interest by not wanting to offer the code. I mean think about it, DirecTV isn't going to give you a voucher for free DishNetwork service. Sony would never offer you a code for a free year of XBL.

    Like I said, I understand them wanting to protect their own interests...but the way they're going about it is totally shitty. Either pull the game and don't sell it at all until you get versions with no code, or sell them at a discount because they've been opened...and I don't mean $5 off either. Or they can just bite the bullet and fulfill their initial shipment with this version of the game and don't order another shipment until they are guaranteed copies without the code.


  29. By Christian M. on 08-24-2011 20:17

    Well, count me as one less Gamestop customer...


  30. By Dakomissar on 08-24-2011 20:39

    Looks like Gamestop is actually responding to this mess...

    Read it @ Kotaku


  31. By wardog546 on 08-24-2011 20:43

    what! I'm pretty sure they cant do that. otherwise, WTF!!!!


  32. By VenomPB on 08-24-2011 20:44

    Oh GameStop, you so silly.

    Did they honestly think nobody would notice or care? This is redonkulous, man. :P


  33. By x ch4zy on 08-24-2011 20:45

    Wow what assholes, they shouldnt be allowed to do this the bastards :(


  34. By jesus guy on 08-24-2011 20:47

    Good thing I dont buy games new at gamestop :D, but fereal that is unacceptable. For shame


  35. By Saribella on 08-24-2011 20:54

    A classmate (who works in a non-GS vendor) & I were discussing this in Business Law. When I told him this whole thing that's going on, he had one hell of a priceless look.


  36. By cpt_wafflebo on 08-24-2011 21:30

    this seems messed up


  37. By Gilbert1978 on 08-24-2011 22:04

    i sense a class-action lawsuit...


  38. By mrcheez on 08-24-2011 22:34

    I just don't think they should sell it as "New"...I would still buy it from Gamestop even if they took out the onlive thing. If I buy a game, I want an actual tangible copy of the game.


  39. By Ashkon91 on 08-24-2011 23:12

    They are removing them from the cases for floor cases, but when you buy the game you get the code... Besides who uses onlive...


  40. By crazyninja_013 on 08-24-2011 23:16

    thats illeagle (fuck my spelling),they are claiming its new when it was opened AND tamperd with .....fucking gamestop


  41. By DCmarc15 on 08-24-2011 23:22

    That is fucked up gamestop has truly become scumbags i guess i should only go to play n trade now to buy BRAND NEW games