iPad 2 Owners Keep A Look Out For Machinarium

If you’ve heard a lot of good things about the game Machinarium and you have an iPad 2 good news. Amanita Desighn has announced that they have submitted the game for Apple’s approval, but it also comes with sad news for iPad 1 owners.

On their blog Aminita Design says:

The release date is now set on September 8th. Unfortunately, the game needs quite a lot of memory and fast CPU so it works well only on iPad 2. However there are no compromises in this version and it looks great on tablet. We apologize to all iPad 1 owners!

Surely all the iPad 2 owners appreciate the ‘no compromises’ attitude when they should have the game on September 8. Amanita Design also said in the post they where planning on releasing a version for capable Android tablets and the RIM Playbook.

Machinarium for iPad 2 should be on App Store on September 8th [Amanita Design via Touch Arcade]


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  1. By Ryz on 08-25-2011 10:05

    People bought an iPad?


  2. By Techi on 08-25-2011 10:39

    Not really into the whole Ipad tablet things. Id rather just use a laptop that has flash.


  3. By Deathwatch31 on 08-25-2011 13:29

    whats an ipad?


  4. By JustAndrew on 08-25-2011 14:31

    Originally Posted by Techi:
    Quote Not really into the whole Ipad tablet things. Id rather just use a laptop that has flash.

    Same. iPad is just too expensive as well. You can get more out of a laptop for the same price.


  5. By junxtown on 08-25-2011 16:31

    not really into overpriced tablets

    including overpriced apple products