Two New Space Marine Trailers Usher in the Intense Demo

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is drop podding into stores around the world in such a short space of time, and the Imperium is training soldiers (Note: YOU!) with the new demo.

To celebrate the Imperium laying in the conquest against the rampant Ork hordes, THQ has released two new trailers. The first, titled “I Am A Space Marine” shows a bunch of everyday normal people confessing that they are in fact the one of the worlds greatest fighting soldiers: the Space Marine.

The second and more exciting trailer features gameplay from the demo and so much blood that it will make your eyes explode. Oh, watch out for the Ork getting a rhinoplasty courtesy of a Space Marine chainsword.

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  1. By EMiR360 on 08-25-2011 13:25

    Cool! I'm gonna download the demo when it comes out :D


  2. By NuclearPancakes on 08-25-2011 13:29

    Originally Posted by EMiR360:
    Quote Cool! I'm gonna download the demo when it comes out :D

    The demo is out DUMBY


  3. By EMiR360 on 08-25-2011 13:36

    Originally Posted by NuclearPancakes:
    Quote The demo is out DUMBY

    I saw the ending say 9 9 11, guess that's the game release date DERP!!!! :D I thought it was when the demo is being release xD


  4. By Hunter on 08-25-2011 14:32

    I think im going to download this demo now.. im really interested now


  5. By Chimmy9119 on 08-25-2011 20:50

    Girls can't be space marines. Only Sisters of Battle.


  6. By Scrove on 08-25-2011 21:11

    Hopefully the game lives up to the hype ;).


  7. By Cynicalbrit on 08-25-2011 21:43

    Very nicely done trailers. Straight to the action, lol.


  8. By EMiR360 on 08-25-2011 21:53

    I just played the demo and recorded some footage. It's a great game. You can check out the gameplay on my youtube channel before you download.


  9. By Blade on 08-26-2011 03:07

    Yeah it's a great demo! I liked it alot and pre ordered the game because of that :D And nice trailers of course!