Skyrim Will Somehow Fit Everything On One Xbox 360 Disc

Expansive games such as Mass Effect 2 and L.A. Noire have started to push the limits on the Xbox 360 – respectively requiring two and three discs in order to play. However, by some miracle, Bethesda has apparently discovered how to fit The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on one single disc.

Speaking with Matt Carofano of Bethesda at PAX Prime 2011, the guys over at Ripten were told that you will not be required to switch Xbox 360 discs in the upcoming role-playing game.

I’m not entirely sure how Bethesda managed to cram everything onto a single disc, although I would assume that the lack of cutscenes helps. However, regardless of the ‘how’, it’s good news for those who absolutely despise the act of switching out discs while playing – although I hope the number of people who actually care is relatively slim.

Bethesda Confirms That Skyrim Will Fit On One Xbox 360 Disc [Ripten]

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  1. By Psychotik91 on 08-29-2011 16:56

    thats good, I try to avoid multi-disc games (so I missed out on some good games) because I hate swapping disc mid-game. This raises my interest in Skyrim


  2. By outroxx on 08-29-2011 17:07

    Cool for those who will get it on 360. I would not like to change disc in the middle of a quest although, it wouldn't be all that bad.


  3. By turinx on 08-29-2011 17:13

    Definitely good news. Wonder if it has anything to do with the new XGD3 DVD format, which MS beta tested earlier this year, that gives them an extra gig of storage space on game DVDs.

    Swapping disks has never really been an issue with me, my Dead Space 2 experience was in no way hindered by having to swap discs. Besides, my hardcore gaming began with the PSOne which had a shit ton of games on multiple disks(sometimes 3 or 4), so the occasional game on two disks is fine with me.


  4. By JustAndrew on 08-29-2011 17:27

    Pretty impressive. Wasn't expecting that.


  5. By BigFish1812 on 08-29-2011 18:00

    Still don't get why everyone hates multi disks, means there is more shit in the game. But anywho, never imagined Skyrim being able to fit on one disk.


  6. By Ryz on 08-29-2011 18:03

    As long as this 'somehow' doesn't mean removing content like with Final Fantasy XIII then it's fine.


  7. By Uber on 08-29-2011 21:50

    I don't even see how they would be able to pull of the multi disk deal anyway, that would be like half of skyrim would be on one cd and the other half on the other, so everytime you crossed a certain defined border, a message would pop up and be like "switch CDs" That just wouldn't work at all. Although I tend to install bethesda's games on my xbox anyway, since whenever I have tried to play oblivion or fallout 3/new vegas with just the cd the game is just choppy, laggy and basically unplayable. So I couldn't see why big games just dont do that, where the 1st or last cd is the only one you need in. Like how they do it with alot of computer games.


  8. By Z.Witt on 08-29-2011 21:54

    That's great to know that they were able to pull that off. For such a large RPG it would be very difficult to keep the momentum of the gameplay, with more than one disc.


  9. By MainFatality on 08-29-2011 22:35

    That is good hear, I don't think disc swapping is that big of a pain. Oh jeez I have to go and walk to my 360 to swap a disc like 4 hours into gaming when back in the day like PS2 had like 4 disc games like Final Fantasy.


  10. By Kreyg on 08-29-2011 23:38

    No need to panic! I mean, my Xbox is RIGHT next to me. God forbid I'd have to move my fatass .

    I'll actually be playing this on PC. Trid3nt is the man and gifted it to me on Steam.


  11. By junxtown on 08-30-2011 04:26

    alrighty then, guess i dont have to move everytime they ask for another disk


  12. By Omnislasher on 08-30-2011 11:19

    Not that disc swapping is annoying, I would say it's just more convenient not having to swap them. With that said, that's pretty amazing that they can fit all the that content on one DVD disc.


  13. By GaffEire on 08-30-2011 11:27

    No problem for Blu Rays


  14. By RacketLord on 08-30-2011 15:07

    I've never had a problem with disc-swapping games. Hell, i've beaten Lost Odyssey, which is an amazing game, and that game comes on 4 discs. If you're really that lazy to where taking 20-30 seconds to swap a disc for every 8-10 hours of gameplay (which is true for Lost Odyssey) is a deterrent, then you're doing yourself a massive disservice, and you're missing out on a really good game.

    That said, my $50 Gamestop gift card should be arriving in the mail any day now, so i'll be pre-ordering the PC version, for sure!


  15. By oO CurrY Oo on 08-30-2011 16:19

    Will be getting it for pc but this is good news I suppose.