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Guppy – created by Christiaan Moleman, an employee of Ubisoft Paris; most recently working as an animator on Raving Rabbits: Travel in Time – is a tranquil and simplistic take on the life of a guppy in what can best be described as a ‘aquarium’.

The objective of the video game is to live as long as possible, collecting flies which randomly generated throughout the map, and swimming away from the larger fish which inhabit the aquarium.

The overall design of the game is very simple – all of the sprites are hand drawn and have very little detail – it almost has a Japanese print style, which adds to the tranquility of the game.

As well, the controls of Guppy are very straightforward, only utilizing the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the guppy’s tail, replicating the movement of a natural guppy. However, due to the simplicity of the controls navigating the guppy throughout the map can become difficult as the arrow keys must be pressed repeatedly to keep the guppy travelling in a straight line. Furthermore, the AI of the larger fish is very tough and will follow you except when under the cover of lily pads, but even still it will circle the pads waiting for you to exit.

A two player single-screen-multiplayer option is available, however you will have to crowd around one keyboard and the game would become much more uncomfortable.

Sadly, at the moment the video game does not have any sound, which is disappointing seeing as the game would go very well with a Japanese flute softly playing in the background.

Nonetheless, Guppy is a very solid indie game and is free to download at Moleman’s website

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  1. By dueldude152 on 09-03-2011 14:55

    interesting concept, but the real fault in this game is it does have a proper menu, and the menu it does have is a level hub.


  2. By Tojimaru on 09-03-2011 15:26

    This game will take a while to get used to. I finally ate one thing, and a friggen fish comes outa nowhere and pwns my ass. Fffffff


  3. By Uber on 09-03-2011 19:58

    I think I have already played this game before, just seems very familiar.


  4. By kados14 on 09-03-2011 20:38

    kind of looks like an early version of Spore


  5. By Ninja Dodo on 09-14-2011 08:10

    Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like the game.