Deadmau5 Has A Miyamoto Tattoo

The real winner of the Spike Video Game Awards is Deadmau5. He’s a big gamer (just look at all his video game tattoos), he got to rub elbows with the people that make amazing games, and he apparently got some quality time with Miyamoto.

Well, Deadmau5 spent enough time with Miyamoto to take a couple pictures and get his arm signed, but he wasn’t stopping there. As you can see Deadmau5 made a stop at a tattoo parlor and made Miyamoto’s signature permanent right next to his Creeper face and heart life bar tattoos.

Now I want one too.

[Deadmau5 Twitter via Go Nintendo]


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  1. By Takarow on 12-13-2011 11:05

    thats what you call a true fan


  2. By Putrick on 12-13-2011 13:03

    that is pretty Kickass and I think I would do that as well


  3. By Davekraft on 12-13-2011 16:13

    I have no idea who Miyamoto is and that is the first time I've seen Deadmau5 without the... erm, hat.


  4. By Emir360 on 12-13-2011 17:26

    Cool tat brah


  5. By A_Joe_Ke on 12-13-2011 17:41

    Originally Posted by Davekraft:
    Quote I have no idea who Miyamoto is


  6. By Davekraft on 12-13-2011 17:48

    Originally Posted by The_Joe_Ker:

    I knew it'd get a reaction.


  7. By MrPixel on 12-13-2011 18:39

    Originally Posted by Davekraft:
    Quote I knew it'd get a reaction.

    Yeah. Wasn't sure if you were serious or not...

    But deadmau5 does get a lot of gaming related tattoos xD


  8. By Davekraft on 12-13-2011 20:59

    Originally Posted by MrPixel:
    Quote Yeah. Wasn't sure if you were serious or not...

    I actually am being serious I have no idea who he is. Obviously he's a game developer/whatever, but nope. The only gaming executives I know by name and face are Todd Howard (guy was everywhere before Skyrim's release), that Hideo Kojima guy although I don't know his face (so I lied) and then Peter Johansson of Just Cause 2.


  9. By jim94 on 12-14-2011 00:14

    Deadmau5 is one dedicated gamer.