The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ‘SkyUI’ Mod Makes User Interface More PC Accessible

Upon its initial release, one of the most common complaints regarding The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was in regards to the user interface, specifically the fact that it was created with consoles in mind. Unfortunately, the PC UI in Skyrim was plagued with enormous buttons and wasted screen space.

While PC fans were initially disappointed by the UI design, it was widely realized that a mod would be created shortly after to fix it. Over the last month, various quick fixes have been created for Skyrim, but the first major user interface mod is now available – SkyUI.

Of course, redesigning the entire UI for a game as large as Skyrim is a fairly daunting task, so the mod itself is only partially complete. At the moment, only one menu is being released at a time, the first of which is the inventory menu.

  • Icons to replace the text-based category column. Selectable from 3 different icon themes (curved, straight, Celtic).
  • Mini icons for each item type.
  • Smaller fonts, so more entries can be displayed at once.
  • Extra columns to include additional item information. Examples are weight and value in general, and damage or armor rating for specific categories.
  • Sortable columns to order items by a specific stat. Multi-state columns to sort by value/weight ratio, and to quickly quickly single out equipped, stolen, enchanted or poisoned items.
  • Additional status icons to flag stolen, enchanted and poisoned items.
  • Full-text search through the inventory.
  • Intuitive and efficient keyboard navigation.
  • Support for exotic resolutions. Tested from 800×600 to 5760×2160.
  • Fully configurable column layout and text formatting.

If you wish to download SkyUI for yourself, full text and video instructions are currently available at Skyrim Nexus.

SkyUi [Skyrim Nexus]

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  1. By andresdieck on 12-21-2011 13:14

    Thats pretty cool, but sucks for us console players. :/


  2. By JustAndrew on 12-21-2011 13:49

    Saw this mod pop up on Nexus a few days ago. Saw it on the Bethesda forums about 2-3 weeks before he released it on Nexus. Definitely looks like a good UI mod. I wonder if Darn will make one.

    Also andres, how's it bad for console players? Skyrim's UI was designed for consoles. So you're fine.


  3. By jim94 on 12-21-2011 18:49

    Very useful UI mod, a couple weeks ago I saw a review on a UI mod similar to this. Every PC player should have this!


  4. By Kreyg on 12-21-2011 21:42

    Was just looking at this on the skyrim nexus last night. Idk why they didn't make the UI like that to begin with. Oh wait, consoles are why. LoL.