Vita Memory Cards Cost Less Than Expected

When details of the Vita started to come to light one aspect of the handheld got everyone’s attention and caused quite a stir — the memory cards. Some people said that the Vita’s price was too good to be true and used the proprietary memory card as their proof that it wasn’t. Then rumors came out that cards would be upwards of $120.

The rumors turned out to be exaggerated, but not greatly. Playstation Blog posted launch details such as launch titles and accessory pricing which includes the proprietary cards. Here are the sizes and prices:

4GB for $19.99
8GB for $29.99
16GB for $59.99
32GB for $99.99

Now if those were the usual SD cards you could get a 32GB card for around the $30 range pretty easily. Whether these proprietary cards are better than SD cards or not these cards are still priced exorbitantly.

PlayStation Vita Launch Lineup and Details [Playstation Blog via Joystiq]


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  1. By Takarow on 12-23-2011 10:03

    glad to see there not overly expensive


  2. By JustAndrew on 12-23-2011 10:03

    I still think it's a little too expensive, at least once you reach 16GB.


  3. By Bobssy2 on 12-23-2011 12:55

    Whats a Vita?


  4. By Vaskar on 12-23-2011 14:26

    thats a lot of cash after 16gb. new game or memory card? Amazon i choose you!


  5. By UFC345 on 12-23-2011 16:14

    That is cheap like it should


  6. By GnarlyOat on 12-23-2011 18:06

    Ooooor they could stop trying to DP the consumer and design your product around a storage format we all have like SD. The last time I recall, your last attempt at creating an inventive portable machine sunk like it had rocks tied to it.


  7. By junxtown on 12-23-2011 18:32

    32GB is $100?


  8. By Gilbert1978 on 12-23-2011 20:57

    I bet they use regular SD cards, but by being Sony, they just slap the Sony name over those SD cards so they can reap huge profit margins on the long run...