Man Spends $16,000 On Virtual Sword For Unreleased Game

Age of Wulin is an upcoming MMORPG that is currently being developed by Snail Games, and will now be exclusively known as “the game in which a man paid $16,000 for a virtual sword.”

The developer of Age of Wulin recently held an online auction which included pre-paid time cards, rare mounts, and two virtual weapon sheaths which sold for $1,600 and $2,500. Of course, the most popular item in this auction was the virtual sword which sold for a whopping $16,000.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this story is the fact that Age of Wulin hasn’t been released. In fact, the game is only set to be available in open beta in Spring 2012. It will be unfortunate if the man who purchased this sword decides he doesn’t enjoy the game following its official launch.

Chinese man spends $16,000 on sword for virtual martial arts game [Mail Online]

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  1. By Christian M. on 12-29-2011 11:51

    Wow, he better like that damn game other wise he could have just threw that $16k down the toilet. Or he just has the money to blow on shit like this...


  2. By JustAndrew on 12-29-2011 11:53

    I'm not quite sure, but something about that guy just screams "40 year old virgin."


  3. By UserAccount on 12-29-2011 11:56

    Hm, is it really worth it for a virtual sword?


  4. By Nicholad on 12-29-2011 12:08

    Wouldn't it just be funny if the game was so horrible that he doesn't even play it for more than a week. At least MMO's are still making people spend unbelievable amounts on virtual stuff.


  5. By Ryz on 12-29-2011 12:31

    Man, I wish I had that sort of money


  6. By Omnislasher on 12-29-2011 13:54

    It just goes to show you how crazy people get into MMOs and how they're willing to put so much money into them. Reminds me of a friend who plays a FREE MMO, but has probably spent over 500$ on it.


  7. By Takarow on 12-29-2011 13:56

    rich people love to waste there money


  8. By Putrick on 12-29-2011 14:41

    that's a waste of money that is all that needs to be said


  9. By Azaz129 on 12-29-2011 15:10

    You know, I could've spent 16k on a virtual sword, instead, I went to university. Man, don't I feel silly now.


  10. By Davekraft on 12-29-2011 15:36

    Could've donated it to me so I can afford car insurance. Y'KNOW, SOMETHING THAT MATTERS IN REAL LIFE.


  11. By junxtown on 12-29-2011 17:46

    he should spend that money elsewhere like a charity or something but to buy a virtual sword?!??!

    what is wrong with people these days


  12. By UFC345 on 12-29-2011 18:30

    what a waste of money why buy something if you havent even played it yet unless its a squeal to a great game


  13. By Emir360 on 12-29-2011 19:09

    Well aren't we special...


  14. By NicoNikoND on 12-29-2011 19:54

    I'd rather buy a beast computer.


  15. By Gilbert1978 on 12-29-2011 20:19

    I bet anyone over 9000 bucks that he's in real life...


  16. By chileno2010 on 12-30-2011 20:54

    I would've gone to College.....


  17. By jesus guy on 01-01-2012 22:07

    That guy is a sucker. I wouldn't of paid a penny over $15,000


  18. By iron_bot on 01-01-2012 23:28

    i would LOL if the game was so epic it wouldnt run on his computer