12,000 Fans Request Better Communication From Valve Concerning Half-Life 3

Valve is a company that heavily prides itself on interaction with fans. In the past, the company has hired various members of the community, invited individuals to the Valve offices, and some even personally respond to fan emails on a daily basis. That being said, there is one topic that Valve is notoriously poor at communicating – Half-Life.

It doesn’t need to be stated that Half-Life 3 has become a recurring punchline in this industry. While the series was supposed to conclude back in 2007 in the form of Half-Life 2: Episode 3, Valve decided to essentially drop the episodic business model and create what is expected to be a much larger game to finish the story of Gordon Freeman.

As you’re most likely aware, over the last five years we haven’t heard much regarding the final installment in the Half-Life series, and fans are getting restless as a result. Now, a group of approximately 12,000 dedicated Half-Life fans have requested that Valve be better at communicating what is happening with Half-Life 3.

The group in question is titled “A Call for Communication“, and has one very simple request for Valve: inform fans whether or not Half-Life 3 will be released at any point in the future. It’s worth noting that this group is not asking Valve to rush the conclusion of the Half-Life series – they simply want to know if it’s going to be released.

Personally, I don’t think this is a particularly outrageous request.

A Call for Communication [Steam]

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  1. By M4TH3W on 01-17-2012 12:31

    It's cool that fans are trying to get Valve's attention with this. I'm not a fan of Half-Life, but I'll definitely sign this.
    Although, it will be sad to see the end of Half-Life jokes :(


  2. By Soapy Meadows on 01-17-2012 13:28

    I really don't want HL3 to become the next Duke Nukem Forever (or what DNF used to be anyways) so yeah a little more communication would be great.


  3. By Gilbert1978 on 01-17-2012 14:21

    Geez, I can sense things will get pretty ugly if an announcement isn't provided by this year's E3...


  4. By Z.Witt on 01-17-2012 16:39

    It really is a simple request. It's a yes or no question. Making the game fully secret is just a nuisance and the satisfaction from just knowing that the game is in process of being completed is all I would like to know due to the fact that once it is released that Half Life 3 will be coming I will be shutting my eyes and ears to any news about it to eliminate any type of spoiler.


  5. By UFC345 on 01-17-2012 17:33

    Really I hope Valve doesnt tell them anything about Half Life telling them would just ruin the fun lol


  6. By DanGlozier66 on 01-17-2012 17:45

    Originally Posted by Gilbert1978:
    Quote Geez, I can sense things will get pretty ugly if an announcement isn't provided by this year's E3...

    Yeah I have the same feeling to be honest.


  7. By mrcheez on 01-17-2012 23:57

    I kind of like Valve screwing with the fans, I don't really care if they announce it or not


  8. By Ryz on 01-18-2012 02:13

    The fans have just got sick of hearing nothing, I suppose. I'd be just as frustrated too.