Rumor: Microsoft Points To Be Replaced By Real Currency

The Microsoft Points system has been criticized for being an unnecessary middleman since back when the console first launched. While its not a profoundly confusing system, many don’t understand the reason for creating a fake form of currency specifically for Microsoft products.

Yesterday, Inside Mobile Apps reported that Microsoft may be replacing its somewhat deceptive currency with real money in the relatively near future. According to “a source with knowledge of the company’s decisions”, the Microsoft Points system will be phased out and real currency will be used in almost all Microsoft transactions by the end of 2012.

If and when this transition takes place, users with Microsoft Points on their accounts will have it automatically converted to their local currency.

While this may initially seem like a completely positive thing, there are a few potentially negative aspects of this change to the Microsoft payment structure. Perhaps the most striking issue is the value of currency in different regions of the world, which could potentially result in some countries paying more with real money when compared to what they would pay with Microsoft Points.

Exclusive: Microsoft to discontinue its virtual currency system Microsoft Points [Inside Mobile Apps]

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  1. By Davekraft on 01-24-2012 11:25

    Good. I'd rather see an amount of money in my account than a few thousand points. Just seeing the sign would make me spend it a lot more carefully. Wise move... for the consumer!


  2. By MainFatality on 01-24-2012 11:43

    Jeez finally. So I don't have to think about how much 20 MS points and such.


  3. By DanGlozier66 on 01-24-2012 11:54

    Yeah money is much better, the points system was flawed and not very flexible.


  4. By Christian M. on 01-24-2012 12:34

    I thought they were going to do this a while ago. Long overdue.


  5. By jesus guy on 01-24-2012 12:39

    Tbh I really couldn't care xD. Points,IRL currency.... meh, ill still be paying for the thing either way.


  6. By junxtown on 01-24-2012 14:26

    about time, i have like 10 MS points in my account and i have no idea what's to spend


  7. By DanGlozier66 on 01-24-2012 14:27

    Originally Posted by junxtown:
    Quote about time, i have like 10 MS points in my account and i have no idea what's to spend

    That's what I mean, just not flexible at all! Money will be so much better!


  8. By killer_capin on 01-24-2012 14:47

    i want to keep microsoft points, the logo is cool


  9. By UFC345 on 01-24-2012 16:19

    If real Money mean Credit Card than they better not get rid of the MS Points


  10. By Omnislasher on 01-24-2012 16:47

    I hope it's true. Never did like the Microsoft point currency. Makes it less confusing for consumers.


  11. By turinx on 01-24-2012 20:05

    I've never really had a problem with the MS points system. But this a rumor, so I'll wait and see how this plays out.


  12. By mrcheez on 01-24-2012 21:09

    Now they should do something with the pointless gamerscore from getting achievments


  13. By Vaskar on 01-25-2012 03:11

    yeah! no more of that fucing 80pts = 1USD! woot woot!


  14. By Dozck on 01-25-2012 08:37

    About time! So glad that I don't have to refer pay money for Microsoft points...