Eufloria Coming To iOS Devices in February

If you’ve heard of the real time strategy game Eufloria but don’t have a Windows PC, Playstation 3, or just never heard of it there will be a new way for you to play. Eufloria will be released to iOS devices sometime next month and Team Eufloria sound excited to do so.

Even if you have played Eufloria the team has added new features which may make the iOS version worth an additional play. On the Eufloria blog they wrote:

This is going to be a pretty major release. We have added new music, new content, new features, new interface… (NO VIRTUAL JOYSTICK but instead; a properly designed lovely touch-UI).

We will release the game fully functional; no hidden core features require in-app purchases to obtain. If we do add purchases later on it will be content devised after the game has shipped. Actual extra content.

A new part of the game is a whole new mode that features a “new terraforming mechanic” which sounds interesting. Also interesting is this new trailer:

RTS ‘Eufloria’ Coming To iPad and iPhone Soon [Touch Arcade]


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  1. By Davekraft on 01-25-2012 10:04

    Looks interesting. Also looks like one of them games that start out nice, relaxing and easy but then after an hour or so starts to get impossibru.


  2. By DanGlozier66 on 01-25-2012 10:59

    Looks like this could pass a lot of time, looks very good.