Man Offers Unreleased Resident Evil Game If The Internet Gives Him $2000

You may or may not be aware that there was once a Game Boy Color version of the original Resident Evil in development. Unfortunately, due to the game supposedly being of poor quality, Capcom cancelled the project and instead created Resident Evil Gaiden for GBC.

Now, a collector has supposedly acquired two prototype carts of the unreleased Resident Evil port, which is said to have been almost completed when it stopped development. In exchange for a $2000 bounty by February 29, the owner of these carts says he is willing to upload them as ROMs.

While it may not initially seem wise to pay $2000 for a game that was cancelled due to quality concerns, many are donating only to preserve a piece of video game history. The owner of these carts claims that he is taking a financial loss due to only asking for $2000, although that’s a fairly unbelievable statement. Currently, $1,597.81 have been raised.

Resident Evil:GBC Fundraiser thread [Assembler]

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  1. By ErrolGames on 01-30-2012 14:02

    Isn't that illegal?


  2. By Gilbert1978 on 01-30-2012 14:05

    Hmmm, I wonder how bad of a quality this game really is in order for NOT to be released to the open market... Is it Superman 64 bad?


  3. By JustAndrew on 01-30-2012 14:25

    Wish I could get $2,000 for extremely stupid things like this. Guess it'll be interesting to see how it looks? Though this is the internet, there's probably videos of it somewhere.


  4. By UserAccount on 01-30-2012 14:31

    The question is.. Is it really worth it? I bet there is bound to be people that is going to buy it. This is the internet, full of amazing, yet crazy people!


  5. By Dakomissar on 01-30-2012 14:53

    RE for the Game Boy Color? Dammit, why couldn't it have been the scrapped version of RE2?

    Or even the scrapped version of 4.

    But yeah, I'm pretty sure that's illegal.


  6. By UFC345 on 01-30-2012 19:02

    This just screams Scam to me


  7. By M4TH3W on 01-30-2012 19:08

    Originally Posted by UFC345:
    Quote This just screams Scam to me

    I'm with you on this. I would laugh if in a few weeks a follow-up story will posted about the poster being arrested for fraud.
    Hopefully though, it is real because this is one of the few times I'll happily admit being wrong :P


  8. By DanGlozier66 on 01-30-2012 20:03

    Tbh honest this just shouts scam to me but if it is for real, this guy is crazy, please sort yourself out.


  9. By Davekraft on 01-30-2012 21:02

    Originally Posted by ErrolGames:
    Quote Isn't that illegal?

    Around 40% of the internet is full of illegal stuff anyway.


  10. By junxtown on 01-31-2012 02:33

    someone is willing to spend $2000 on a unreleased, glitchy game?

    i'll pass


  11. By Gunner164 on 01-31-2012 16:32

    Thats pretty interesting, how did he even get That?