BioWare Says You Should Keep Your Future Mass Effect 3 Save Data

The highly anticipated launch of Mass Effect 3 is just around the corner, and while BioWare has repeated multiple times that this is the end of the Commander Shepard trilogy, the developer recently suggested that you may want to hold on to your future saves of Mass Effect 3.

Speaking with GamerZine, Associate Producer Mike Gamble of BioWare made a particularly vague statement which heavily suggested that your Mass Effect 3 save data will be utilized in the future.

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea (to keep your ME3 saves). Obviously I can’t say anything, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea…”

While Gamble could be referring to anything ranging from simple downloadable content to a completely new game, we’ll have to wait a few months until we learn any additional information.

Mass Effect 3 will almost certainly be the end of Commander Shepard as a playable character, but the world of Mass Effect is certainty large enough to host another series of games. It’s not out of the question to suggest that an entirely new game set in the Mass Effect universe could take information from your previous Mass Effect 3 save.

Of course, this is all just simple speculation. For all we know, BioWare could be attempting to keep people invested in order to sell more DLC.

Hang on to your Mass Effect 3 saves, suggests BioWare [GamerZine]

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  1. By JustAndrew on 02-03-2012 17:52

    Teases! But I love it! Seems like a certainty that there will be more Mass Effect games after this. Sad that it'll be the end of the Shepard story, but happy that the ME universe is going to live on. I'd really like a prequel type game to come out as well. Maybe one about the First Contact War. That could be a blast.


  2. By UFC345 on 02-03-2012 18:30

    What could they be thinking I must know New Game DLC? :D


  3. By Vaskar on 02-03-2012 18:58

    id be kinda cool to see a Mass Effect: First Contact. See what happened for that.


  4. By Gunner164 on 02-03-2012 23:57

    That sounds interesting i wonder what there gonna do...


  5. By DanGlozier66 on 02-04-2012 19:29

    BioWare are simply just fucking with us now, absolute teases, can't believe they're dropping all these hints, don't know what to expect!