New Two Player QWOP Unleashed On Unsuspecting Public

If you have been hanging around the HBG community long enough you may remember the period when a lot of people in the community had a fling with the games of, mainly QWOP and GIRP. Now everyone can revisit some of those Foddy days with a friend.

At a meeting of the Juegos Rancheros, an independent gaming collective in Austin, TX, Bennett Foddy had revealed that he has turned QWOP into a split screen local multiplayer game. The game can be played with two keyboards or with both players on one keyboard.

While it’s intended for two players I can already see someone using the ‘two players one keyboard’ method to double fist an insane time that will make the internet explode, which will be awesome.

To play 2QWOP head on over to the Foddy website.

Competitive bumbling now available in two-player QWOP [Joystiq]


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  1. By JustAndrew on 02-17-2012 11:38

    So now you get to have double the amount of pure rage. Brilliant idea. Brilliant I say!


  2. By M4TH3W on 02-17-2012 12:26

    Now rather then punching my computer screen in rage I can punch my friend! Excellent!


  3. By UserAccount on 02-17-2012 14:00

    Oh dear God, I know if Kreyg plays this, it will only end up in rage quitting. I think anough users had a bad time trying to animate an athlete with 4 keys, now 8 keys.


  4. By Shifrit on 02-17-2012 14:19

    "Damnit, Joe! Why won't you QWOPerate with me?!"


  5. By Cynicalbrit on 02-17-2012 16:35

    New challenge.
    Play both players at the same time. Go.


  6. By UFC345 on 02-17-2012 16:51

    The end is near QWOP will make us rage 2X


  7. By Takarow on 02-17-2012 17:11

    kreyg vs tovan nuff said


  8. By JesusHMacy on 02-17-2012 17:17

    My dick is getting hard just thinking about it.


  9. By ayt1ner on 02-18-2012 05:29

    pahaha. I love the title of this post. I don't know what it is about "Unsuspecting Public" and QWOP but it's damn funny.


  10. By Gunner164 on 02-21-2012 18:10

    Should be called "QWER UIOP".