Super Mario Bros Question Block Touch Lamp

Do you know what I like better than neat stuff? Neat stuff that’s practical! Sure having useless neat baubles around is great, but when they are useful in my day to day life, that’s awesome. So what could be more useful that a part of Super Mario Bros. ripped from the screen and turned into a lamp? Nothing.

This lamp is a 6 inch by 6 inch by 6 inch laser cut plexiglass question block lit by LEDs with a sensor on the bottom to touch and turn the lamp on and off with. Each touch you will be greeted with sound of a collected coin, but on every eighth touch it will make the ‘1-UP’ sound.

The lamp can be hung from the ceiling or you can buy an acrylic stand to turn it into a desk or table lamp.

You can get the assembled lamp for $74.99 and the stand for $15.00 or you can buy a kit to build it yourself for $54.99. Options, gotta love’em.

Touch Sensitive Super Mario Coin Block Pendant Lamp [Nerd Approved via Albotas]


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  1. By UFC345 on 02-21-2012 14:16

    If only it play some music lol


  2. By Gunner164 on 02-21-2012 14:27

    Haha, it would be nice to have one of them , they look pretty cool.