Coming To America: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Sequel

There is almost no doubt that 999 for the DS got some really good buzz and that it wouldn’t be completely crazy to wait with baited breath for news on whether it’s sequel Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die would come out in the U.S. also. Well, good news.

Aksys Games, who brought you the original 999, have announced via Nintendo Power that they will be bringing the 999 sequel to the 3DS and the PS Vita before the year is done, but they have not announced the official name yet. Let’s be honest ‘Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die’ is way too awesome for many in the U.S. to handle, of course you can handle it because you’re awesome and read HBG.

The game is centered around a group of kidnapped strangers in a warehouse that must cooperate or betray each other to escape. Here is a Japanese trailer with a soundtrack provided by the Japanese rock band Boris:

Aksys Games Bringing 999 Sequel To America [EGM Now]


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