[Update] One Copy Of Mass Effect 3: Space Edition Is Currently Stuck In A Tree


Update: The two San Francisco launches of Mass Effect 3: Space edition have been officially deemed “irretrievable”, and BioWare has requested that all participants cease in their attempts to climb mountains and/or trees trying to retrieve them.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in the San Francisco Space Edition launches. After two days of exhaustive search and attempted recovery, both launches have been deemed irretrievable. It is unfortunate, but we have to require all participants halt further investigations due to legal and safety reasons. We are floored at the support, involvement, and contribution of the ME3 community in the last 48 hours, it has been nothing short of an amazing adventure. And it’s been the greatest honor to meet all of you. In related news, we are proud to announce that the Las Vegas launch was successfully recovered (photos soon). Stay tuned as we kick off the New York area launches later this morning, and we look forward to seeing every on the field!”

Original story:

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. EA and BioWare’s promotion for Mass Effect 3 seems to have hit a bit of a snag when a special copy of the highly anticipated game was launched into ‘space’ and promptly descended back to Earth… directly into a 150 ft tree.

At the moment, there are approximately 10 fans who are desperately attempting to knock the copy to the ground through a combination of rope, baseball bats, slingshots, and marbles. I can only imagine the fight that will break out once someone successfully hits it down.

Stay tuned for continuing coverage of this story. What could go wrong, right?

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  1. By Ianoy on 02-24-2012 15:54

    Another one seems to be stuck on a cliff while the one in Las Vegas is being chased by the LVPD.


  2. By peteru on 02-24-2012 15:54

    If only this happened near me, I'd have an excuse to dust off my pole climbing gaffs.


  3. By junxtown on 02-24-2012 16:04

    oh boy, when it does goes down, all hell will break loose.


  4. By Takarow on 02-24-2012 17:11



  5. By Gunner164 on 02-24-2012 17:18

    Originally Posted by Ianoy:
    Quote Another one seems to be stuck on a cliff while the one in Las Vegas is being chased by the LVPD.

    The police are chasing a game? wow thats awesome.


  6. By UFC345 on 02-24-2012 17:28

    Me and my friends were just talking about how this could go wrong


  7. By stigg on 02-24-2012 17:46

    just need a shotgun and climbing gear


  8. By Shifrit on 02-24-2012 18:03

    I can't wait to see how this unfolds. Although really, I hope it doesn't get too violent. Imagine the fun anti-gamers would have slamming down on that one. :/


  9. By jim94 on 02-24-2012 18:20

    Very nice promotion.

    I bet its going to be an orgy once someone knocks the copy to the ground


  10. By CptWaffleBoy on 02-24-2012 20:51

    Im waiting for someone with a chainsaw to just cut the tree down.


  11. By Davekraft on 02-24-2012 21:12

    I think they should all just leave it alone, it'll only end up branching out and up-rooting another media frenzy.


  12. By Vaskar on 02-25-2012 12:06

    We all know the real winner is the tree, what a Bro he snagged that thing out of mid air!


  13. By CiviCity on 02-25-2012 23:15

    wow, just get a damn chainsaw and cut the fucking tree down