Proposed Oklahoma Tax On Violent Video Games Rejected

Earlier this month, we reported a story that Oklahoma representative William Fourkiller was attempting to pass a bill that would put a 1% tax on video games with a rating of teen, mature, or adults only. While this may not seem like an extraordinary amount of money, the outrage came from the fact that the proposed bill unfairly targeted video games by claiming that they caused both obesity and violence. Thankfully, the representative’s proposal was quickly dismissed.

When the bill was ultimately discredited by the House, Fourkiller was quick in his attempt to compromise by requesting the creation of the “Oklahoma Task Force on Video Games’ Relationship to Obesity and Aggression”, which was subsequently rejected as well.

Residents of Oklahoma can rest easy, for now – although this will hardly be the last time that video games are targeted by lawmakers.

Oklahoma’s video game right restored [Video Game Voters]

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  1. By Takarow on 02-24-2012 15:17

    nuff said


  2. By junxtown on 02-24-2012 16:03

    It was a stupid law to begin with anyways
    Parenting is the parents job, not the government


  3. By UFC345 on 02-24-2012 17:23

    Yeah how bout you do something about our debt or fund research for cancer or something instead of blaming games for shit you cant handle how many more years till we get people who know about games and the internet


  4. By Gunner164 on 02-24-2012 17:29

    Damn people are stupid, its good this law wasn't passed.