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If you are an avid reader or community member of HBG the name Twitch TV should be imprinted on the frontal lobe of your brain by now because of our broadcasts. We’ve all seen the Justin TV spin off site bloom into a juggernaut of eSports, video game event coverage, and a sea of video game news sites with their own streams. Now they’ve announced a new exclusive.

Twitch has announced that they are the official streaming partner of PAX East which means fans who can’t attend the con will kind of be able to attend online.

Fans can now view the convention’s highlights from the comfort of their homes–including our own panel on the video game broadcasting trend–and we’re offering a couple of our viewers the chance to win tickets to attend PAX East in person.

says Emmett Shear CEO of Twitch TV with Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade saying

With a solid video platform like TwitchTV and all the great content at our PAX events, it seems a shame not to allow a global audience to enjoy it[.]

There will be a basic SD stream offered for no charge, but if you would like to view the stream in HD you will have to pay a subscription.

If you would like to find out more about the tickets being given away that Emmett Shear mentioned head over to the Twitch TV Facebook page for more information.

TwitchTV Announces PAX East Video Streaming Partnership [UGO]


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  1. By Vaskar on 03-01-2012 13:57

    Awesome! This isnt one of those things where no one else can cast PAX stuff now right? Also i dont want to pay for a steam im only going to watch 4 days at most and thats between HBG cast, 4pp, Dan and Swift.


  2. By Alexander_Raven on 03-01-2012 14:53

    entered yesterday, u mad bro


  3. By UFC345 on 03-01-2012 16:00

    Paying for HD for something thats only on for a few days? No thanks


  4. By junxtown on 03-01-2012 17:20

    pay to watch HD? Ehhhhhhh...... nope


  5. By JesusHMacy on 03-01-2012 19:11

    Well that's pretty neat.


  6. By Gunner164 on 03-03-2012 18:37

    That's cool.