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Ever since it was announced, Street Fighter X Tekken had people both optimistically cautious and others who were downright confused about Capcom’s latest crossover title. Many questions were raised about balance, and how Capcom would treat Namco’s otherwise 4 button fighters in their offering of the crossover (Namco’s Tekken X Street Fighter is on its way) . The main point of contention was the 2D plane that Street Fighter offered (opposed to Tekken’s 3D plane) , and how the Tekken fighters would defend against projectiles. Despite the odds put against them, Capcom has delivered another memorable crossover fighter that will surely satisfy both Street Fighter and Tekken fans.

Perhaps the biggest question regarding SFXT, is how exactly the Tekken fighters feel and play in Capcom’s engine. Though it may be a 6 button fighter, the Tekken characters perform almost exactly as you’d expect. Doing Kazuya’s lightning kicks and uppercuts felt seamless as I tried to recall my Tekken knowledge. Though that’s not to say there won’t be a learning curve for Namco fans. There’s still your traditional super combo inputs, and some of the more exotic Tekken manoeuvres have also gotten the traditional Capcom input treatment. (down-forward down-forward as a prefix) Thankfully as an avid fighting fan, but definitely not a pro, Capcom has taken a step in simplifying the combo system.

The boost combo system allows players to perform various combos with ease. A large part of Tekken would arguably be ridiculous combos, and thanks to the boost system, it helps the game truly feel like a cross of styles. You can initiate a boost combo by progressing your hits from light to heavy. (for example light punch-mid punch-heavy punch). It feels fast, intuitive, and it’s punishing for your opponent. You can also add one more heavy attack to the end of the combo to initiate a “cross rush/launcher”. Your opponent will dangle in the air, allowing enough time for your partner to tag in and continue the combo. There’s also a pandora system, that allows you to sacrifice your tag partner for 10 seconds of unlimited special bar, and increased strength. You’ll have to finish your opponent before the 10 seconds is up, or you’ll lose the fight by default. It’s a great last ditch tactic.

Aside from the new combo and pandora systems, the rest remains standard-fare for capcom games. You have the option to tag, do regular and tag special moves or even have 2 partners enter the fray at once. Though, a brand new gem system mixes the combat up a little more. Gems are practically buffs that apply to your fighter under certain circumstances. For example, if you land a combo you may have a gem proc that gives you a small damage buff for a set period time. All of the gems have different conditions for activation and different buffs. There’s gems that may initiate auto blocking for a set period, or even gems that increase your special bars filling rate. Though it may sound confusing and potentially game-breaking, good players won’t have much more trouble beating down their opposition than before. The effects all seem pretty balanced, and the effects of the gems don’t last particularly long.

The action feels a lot faster than a regular capcom fighter. There’s a lot of tagging (as the fight ends when one character is knocked out), constant brutal close range combos and the animations are exceptionally fluid. Backgrounds are bright, alive and vibrant. When you combine the background with the foreground fighting, it’s just a smooth, beautiful battle to behold. The same can be said for online play, mostly. In my tests online, all connections to other players felt solid and responsive. No dropped games or hitching frame-rates were experienced, either. However, during online combat the sound effects are often dropped. You won’t hear any fireballs or brutal combos land, instead the channel is all but muted – forcing you to listen to nothing but the soundtrack. Hopefully this is fixed down the line with a patch, but I’m surprised it shipped with such a weird bug.

What’s also disappointing is the standard selection of modes. You’ll have your arcade mode, to see the events of the somewhat lacklustre story. Practice and Tutorial modes are present, and this time they do a far better job of teaching newer players the ins and outs of a Capcom fighter. You’ll have the option to paint different characters to your liking, but you’ll still be buying your costumes with real money. On the PlayStation 3, you’ll be able to fight with local partners in all modes, however this feature is missing in action on the Xbox 360. A few more modes akin to SFIV3D’s collectable figures would have helped break up the action and add some novel persistence. It’s not a particularly big deal, as the fighting’s so good, but a fun distraction would be welcome.

Street Fighter X Tekken sounds like something an 11 year old would dream up, and Capcom have done an extremely good job at pleasing the said inner child. There’s something awe-inspiring about seeing Ryu and Kazuya clash fists, but what’s more awesome is how -good- the gameplay turned out. The more approachable combo systems and increased speed of the combat really help Street Fighter X Tekken shine, and without the former in the roster SFXT’s systems alone would make a fresh fighting game. With that being said, I look forward to Namco’s entry, and the undoubtedly great soundtrack it brings with it. If this review hasn’t sold you on SFXT, perhaps this picture will.

What you’ll like:

SFXT is a successful combination of both franchises roster and play-styles

The combo system is easy to use, and helps you look like a pro

It’s a fast moving, fluid fighter with popping visuals

What you might not like:

Gems are hit and miss, they’re novel, but they aren’t needed

Sound effects are bugged when playing online

Lackluster modes and story

Score: 4/5

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  1. By BigFish1812 on 03-19-2012 20:11

    What about the disk having all of the DLC already on it, and that Crapcom wants to charge us for it. That's the only thing that's put me away from buying this game.


  2. By Cynicalbrit on 03-19-2012 20:25

    Originally Posted by BigFish1812:
    Quote What about the disk having all of the DLC already on it, and that Crapcom wants to charge us for it. That's the only thing that's put me away from buying this game.

    If that's what's putting you away then buy the game and not the DLC. It's not a big deal.

    Personally, I don't find that fighting games are my thing, but i want to watch somebody else play this.


  3. By Sgt Tackleberry on 03-19-2012 20:44

    I have a strong feeling that this game will sell a lot more than MvC 3 by far...


  4. By Omnislasher on 03-19-2012 20:44

    I'm a fan of both franchises and I'll admit I was skeptical at first they introduced all the new system mechanics as well as the gem system. To me it seemed very overwhelming. But once you go through the Tutorial mode it really isn't THAT bad. And yeah, the gems aren't really needed, good thing that they're completely optional to use.

    The transition of the Tekken characters (the ones I'm familiar with) is well done. They have some of their signature moves with the same exact inputs in Tekken, like you said. Which I found amazing.

    So far I've played in over 20 hours and can say I've been enjoying the game. Haven't touched online yet cause I've been having a hard time picking a partner. I would recommend getting the game for both casual and competitive players. The combo system isn't as tough as Street Fighter IV, yet not too easy like Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It's sorta in between.


  5. By Soapy Meadows on 03-20-2012 00:31

    I dunno I really feel kind of done with capcom fighting games for a while, especially with this whole DLC fiasco and all the BS reasoning behind it that they're trying to pull off.. Sure they're gonna sell all 12 now for 20 bucks but that's still 20 more then we should have to pay if you ask me.. the vita version will be 10-20 dollars less then the normal retail price AND will have all 12 dlc characters on it... what's up with that?


  6. By Omnislasher on 03-20-2012 14:32

    Yeah the whole situation with the DLC is a bunch of bullshit. The extra should be free and we shouldn't pay 20$+ for an unlock that's already on the disc. And from what I've seen looks to be already completed.

    That didn't keep me from getting the game though. Besides, Cashcom said that the game will only be one disc and will not have a stand alone "Super" version or whatever like their previous games. Sure I want those characters, but I'll be honest -- I only want it for only one character and I probably won't even use her.

    So I'll probably just wait for a price drop. Maybe they'll sell each character individually or I'll just not get it at all.


  7. By SmokedScorpion on 03-21-2012 11:29

    Ive been enjoying this game quite alot, I can't wait for TekkenXStreetfighter that is gonna be good.