Molyjam 2012 Wraps Up Yielding 250+ Games

When first created, it was nothing more than a fun joke on one of the gaming industry’s more notoriously wild-minded developers. Now, the Peter Molyneux-inspired parody Twitter account @PeterMolydeux is at the very least a unique mind of his own in the industry.

Starting March 31st and lasting through April Fools’ Day, what was called an “International 48-Hour Jam Exploring the Works of @PeterMolydeux” began. While many I’m sure considered it a great joke that a parody twitter account could have a career retrospective without making a game, thousands of people clearly did not. Around 30 locations internationally participated by drawing, creating videos, and even developing the very games Molydeux thought of aloud to the world since the creation of the twitter account.

Twitch TV provided the event page for the live streams of artists working on concept art or even developing based on a simple tweet. Over a dozen streams were included in the event, all live at different times depending on local times in the country or region from which they broadcast.

After Molyjam concluded, the archive of games created based on these ideas was opened. At the time of this article, 283 games have been created, each corresponding to a single tweet by Molydeux.

You can play or just check out any of the game in their archive here.

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Christian runs the show on the HBG front page. He's a huge sports gaming fan who used never stray far from his favorite genre. That said, he's become more and more interested in other games over the years, adding fighting, western RPG, strategy, and FPS games to his library of games.

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  1. By JesusHMacy on 04-03-2012 17:46

    Molydeux is my hero. He transcends gaming, it's next level shit.


  2. By A Dog in a Wig on 04-03-2012 17:56

    Originally Posted by JesusHMacy:
    Quote Molydeux is my hero. He transcends gaming, it's next level shit.

    He's already talking about doing MolyJam 2013 possibly. lol. I'd love it. It sorta goes to show how easy it is to be an indie dev. So many games all based off single odd ideas.


  3. By UFC345 on 04-04-2012 14:23

    That is alot games based on 1 tweet


  4. By A Dog in a Wig on 04-04-2012 16:12

    Originally Posted by UFC345:
    Quote That is alot games based on 1 tweet

    Well there's hundreds of tweets, but each single game made is basically based off an idea in a single tweet.

    They're not all based on 1, but they're all each based on only one of his many tweets.


  5. By stigg on 04-06-2012 15:28

    add dogs...
    Masterpiece right there