NBA Live 13 Cancelled

While it isn’t new news that NBA Live 13 was in troubled waters since late this summer, it still comes as a bit of surprise that their second attempt at resurrecting the NBA installment from EA Sports has again come up short.

For those unaware, we were playing this same game just two years ago when NBA Elite 11 was slated to release. They got much farther that year, even going so far as announce cover athlete Kevin Durant, releasing a demo, and even seeing some copies of the game leak out to eBay and the like.

Well unfortunately for fans of EA Sports titles and basketball, today shows that it’s same story, different year.

In an update published on the EA Sports website, Executive VP of EA Sports Andrew Wilson announced the cancellation of the NBA Live 13 title telling fans that the team working on NBA Live 13 wanted to make a great game and soon it was “clear that we won’t be ready in October.” He goes on to tell us that great games take time, and the product they want to bring fans was not worthy of the franchise.

Aside from the usual verbage surrounding the disappointing cancellation of a title, he does mention in the closing of his statement that NBA Live 14 will likely be on the slate, saying “This wasn’t an easy decision, but it’s the right one for our fans. I hope you’ll agree when you’re able to play the game next year.”

While it is unfortunate, it seemed like the only proper choice at this stage. NBA 2K13 had taken center stage and has almost all of the NBA gaming audience’s attention at this point. I like the decision to not release, but boy is NBA Live 14 going to have to be amazing to get traction next year after two straight cancelled titles in the EA Sports NBA series.


There were also some gem comments on the cancellation statement that I’d love to share with you.

“This game so Looks better then 2k!! after playing demo!”

“when are we gonna get a release date and gameplay vids with features??”

“EA great job this game looks way better than 2K and gonna get this game and now i am exicted to look for more gameplay….”

“Looks good! Please bring the game to PS Vita also!”


Clearly some people aren’t reading the articles over on the EA Sports website.

If you want to pick up NBA Live 13, look for it to be cancelled on Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall. We’ll get you more details on NBA Live 14 as they come next year.

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  1. By UFC345 on 09-27-2012 18:05

    Someone is in denal lol


  2. By JustAndrew on 09-27-2012 19:08

    Those comments were most likely the only positive ones in the whole world. Lol. I've seen and heard nothing but bad about NBA Live for years. With 2K always destroying it. That still seems to be happening and is probably the real reason why they gave up.


  3. By PsychoNerd on 09-27-2012 19:41

    Oh no, whatever will I do without my horrible annual sports game?


  4. By Gilbert on 09-28-2012 20:01

    Next up, Madden!