Rockstar – “Lots of GTA V Info Coming Next Month. Get Ready.”



A short and to the point bit of news here. Rockstar have officially announced via their blog that we should all get ready for some long-awaited GTA V info next month. 8 days till November? Well, that WOULD be next month, but we’ll have to wait and see.


There’s now even some nice and most importantly OFFICIAL GTA V artwork released -

Lots of info coming next month. Get ready.

See the blog post for yourself here.

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  1. By xZaniity on 10-24-2012 15:17

    Another tease from Rockstar. this gonna be good.. and they better give us another trailer! if not.. i'd zip my pants back up.


  2. By KingZyrex on 10-24-2012 15:19

    Yes! It's been a while since we got some official GTA V news.. and that artwork is awesome too :o!


  3. By Davekraft on 10-24-2012 15:31

    I Published this bitch even before I had finished editing. I was that excited.


  4. By JustAndrew on 10-24-2012 16:32

    Can't wait to see/hear this. I may have to buy the Xbox back off my brother. He doesn't put it to much use, and the PC version probably won't release at the same time as the console versions.


  5. By Dexter on 10-24-2012 18:02

    This is why I love Rockstar.


  6. By Omnislasher on 10-24-2012 18:49

    A release date would be nice.


  7. By Davekraft on 10-24-2012 21:30

    I've only just noticed the shop's name. Obviously a fashion area, Anna Rex...


  8. By Drake_Baxter on 10-24-2012 22:52

    Originally Posted by Davekraft:
    Quote I've only just noticed the shop's name. Obviously a fashion area, Anna Rex...

    Gotta' love Rockstar for the in-game business names..Tw@ is probably the best though. :D


  9. By Gunner164 on 10-25-2012 16:43



  10. By pdxdylan on 10-25-2012 21:33

    Thanks for sharing this, cant wait!


  11. By YukiOnna on 10-25-2012 21:43

    I just want the game already!! ^^


  12. By Insanity on 10-29-2012 10:10

    That's fucking awesome! Been waiting so long for info.