GTA V Trailer #2 Coming Next Week


Yes that’s right, the eagerly awaited second trailer for GTA V will premiere next week on Wednesday the 14th of November.

Rockstar has just announced trailer #2’s arrival date 3 days before GameInformer’s huge 18 page GTA V featurette is released. Also, GTA V is now available for pre-order. For more information on this head over to this Rockstar article.

See the trailer blog post for yourself here and keep a keen eye out on the HBG front page for more information as things are quickly unfolding.

To get info on all things GTA V check out the GTA V Round-up forum thread.

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  1. By Rampage on 11-05-2012 19:26

    Everyone restock on tissue paper and lotion.


  2. By Gilbert on 11-05-2012 20:35

    I am waiting for actual gameplay before pre-ordering or not...


  3. By MrPixel on 11-05-2012 20:46

    Finally...looking forward to seeing more footage.


  4. By Davekraft on 11-05-2012 20:49

    Originally Posted by Gilbert:
    Quote I am waiting for actual gameplay before pre-ordering or not...

    Should be a story trailer next week, then the third trailer is multiplayer. At least I think that's how it went with IV.


  5. By Ringus Slaterfist on 11-05-2012 23:19

    Woot, can't wait to see this new trailer. I just hope they don't show TOO much content, and spoil it. Finally playing the game doesn't have much impact after seeing a lot of it, for me anyways.


  6. By pdxdylan on 11-06-2012 16:43

    I cant wait, hope to see more cool stuff.


  7. By Gunner164 on 11-06-2012 19:20

    Oh man, THIS is something to look forward to.